And now a word from our sponsor (Part II)

From the Story Arc: Lovers and Heroes

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(posted Thursday, January 19, 2006)

The Rec Room of the CCCP HQ was busy today. Untermensch was brutalizing Mosca at Ping Pong, while Communard provided running commentary.

“Your backhand is ideologically unsound! A true communist would never be victimized to his left!”

Sister Shuma and Shen Fai-Long were diligently constructing a Lego model of the Beijing’s Forbidden City, remarkable in its detail. That is, until Chug and Biohazard Boy ran through playing “tag”. “I gots you!!! Youz iz it!”, said Biohazard as he crushed the 1/20 size rendering of the world heritage site.

With a sigh, Right Hand Ratt sat down on the floor besides the two, helping to rebuild their masterpiece. Untermensch would have raged at Chug and Biohazard, but his joy in humiliating Mosca had taken some of his usual edge off. The task fell to Communard, you chased the two out of the room, yelling, “Cretins! Have you ever considered you Engel’s historical dialectic demonstrates conclusively that idiots like you will soon be removed from so-called society?”

Natalya allowed herself a chuckle. She was getting fairly round now, and a night in had some appeal for her. Picking up the remote, she flicked through the various channels. “Yodelling with the Stars??? Survivor: Antartica??? Bah….” She quickly began channel surfing, desperately seeking something less mind-numbing than “I love the 00’s”.

As she flicked through the channels, all of a sudden something caught her eye. A green face, black leather pants…it was her fellow Commissar, Bestial Boy! Untermensch let out a cackle. “HA! I guess BOTH commissars are wanting modeling contracts now!!!” Natalya’s face grew red hot.

[opening shot, downtown Steel Canyon at dusk]
(a deep-voiced announcer intones)
From the steets....(cut to a shot of Bestial Boy beating up Freaks in Talos Island)...

to a night on the town...(Bestial Boy & Bella at the Paragon dance club)...

the height of fashion (Bestial Boy in his formal-uniform at a meeting)...

to the down-low (shot of Bestial Boy closing a bedroom door, slight shot of a blue leg sticking out)....

You're always bringing your A-game, and your hair needs that too....Green glow, bring out the beast in you...." (closing shot of “Green Glow Shampoo and Conditioner”, and Bestial Boy with a blue hand running through his hair from off camera).


The Young Champions giggled, even Vickie and Nova couldn’t suppress a smirk. But Nat was not amused. “Are we communists or not???!!!!” She stormed out of the room, but not before saying, “If ANY OF YOU see Bestial Boy………bah!!!” Mosca shrugged, and went to follow her, turning around only to say, “What was he selling again? His hair DID look good…”