Memo Re: Supernaut demotion

(posted Sunday, May 16, 2004)

Comrades. It is with sense of sadness that I inform you that Comrade Supernaut has been demoted to Official. While we deeply respect his contribution to CCCP, the Central Committee has issued report stating that he has failed to display necessary leadership qualities required for Commissar.

1. Failure to induct new recruits.
2. Tactical indiscretions have led to casualties. Specifically, failing to provide adequate artillery support to close-range combatants, instead engaging in otherwise insignificant melee combat.
3. Inappropriate language and conduct towards female Comrades.
4. Belligerence towards fellow CCCP Comrades.

It is hoped that Comrade Supernaut will make exemplary Official, and perhaps in time prove to be ready for promotion. The Committee also extends caution to Comrade Ununtriarch, who pushed through Supernaut promotion despite objections from other Commissars.

Worker's Champion
Chairman, CCCP Central Committee