Part 3: To New-Found Methods

From the Story Arc: O True Apothecary

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(posted Wednesday, January 25, 2006)

First, whatever it was going to take to detox Oktyabr from Excelsior.

Second--a better solution. And oddly enough, something tickling the back of her mind told her she already had heard of one, somewhere...

Her eyes widened. Of course. KC.

One more crumb of redemption to be snatched out of that particular Slough of Despond...

One more sliver of satisfaction to be had out of Crey.

"Tasha dear," said Belladonna Aura, calling up data files on the medical computer. "Before you go, I have the results you asked for..."

Nova Requiem stepped in closer and stared at the monitor. The long list of numbers, molecule chains and scientific names meant nothing to her. "And what is it?" she asked.

Bella couldn't help but watch the complex patterns fall into place, dancing to a scientific rhythm. "Excelsior," she answered, "Same drug the Freaks use."

Nova couldn't suppress a shudder at the thought. Part of her fervently hoped there was a rational explanation as to her uncle's possession of the vial she had found. "I pray I am jumping to conclusions," she said.

"Well, I don't think you are," replied Bella, closing the data file. "But I also think there is a better solution to your uncle's pain problem.

Nova Requiem looked at Bella and nodded, "I trust you completely, Bella. As doctor, comrade and friend."

Bella crossed her arms and regarded the young mutant. "Well my thought is this: Since he's wired anyway, we use that. Set up a small electrical charge on his nerves to block his pain. We can even set it up so that he controls it.

"Is worth trying," said Nova, "Seems there are many such 'wired' comrades that could aid this."

"This is a standard treatment for chronic pain these days," explained Bella, "It's just awkward because of the power supply needed. But your uncle carries his own. And being in charge of your own pain is quite empowering.

Nova let out a giggle. "Da, he says he could power whole building with gloves."

"Yep," said Bella, "So setting up the interference charge will be trivial. It's mostly going to be a matter of finesse in placing the electro-stimulus patches.

Nova Requiem sighed, matters once again out of her hands. "I will let you proceed as is fit. Your time means much to me. I am fine for now. Again, give my best to your loved ones."

Bella smiled and answered, "My time is always at the disposal of my comrades. It is both my privilege and my pleasure."

"Do svedanya, comrade," said Nova, "You have put both body and mind at ease."

Belladonna Aura beamed. "Good! That makes me very happy! Do Svedanya!"