Purge Memo

(posted Sunday, August 01, 2004)

Comrade Commissar Red Saviour. I am pleased to see that you have taken seriously my policies and enforced them with iron will. You are tribute to young Russian leadership.

But am troubled by appointment of People's Blade to imaginary Central Committee of Red Brigade. Red Brigade is training group for young Russian heroes, not pot of melting for undesirables and foreigners. In addition, Brigade is sub-section of CCCP, and as such falls under my authority.

I shall sending you policy dictates for Red Brigade in one week. I trust you will follow to letter. Your cooperation is required, and you must not continue to expect policies to be altered due to external influences.

Additionally, reports from KGB indicate that archvillain Tundra Ghost is to being spotted in America. Double patrols and report on intelligence findings in one week.