Doctrine Training Begins

(posted Sunday, August 01, 2004)

In alignments with Central Bureau Directive 45e, Doctrine Trainings begin on August 2.  Is required for all members not already given Clearance Blue.  I have analyzing records of crime in this city and find hour of 6:00am to be least busy by criminal molecules, so we will begins at 6:00am each weekdays in park in front of Freedom Corpse Headquarters in GalaxyGrad, and will last one hours, for month of August.

In case of rain, will use force bubbles.  Will cover history and writings of great communist comrades.  Comrade People's Blade will guest speech on history of China, and am tries to line up Cuban guest speecher too. 

Will begin by handing out copies of "Das Kapital" by Marx (English version, to accomodates our Red Brigade friends) as edited by Engels.  Read Chapters one through five for homeworking.

But to shows I am not just books, we will have fun trips to fields.  Will use Comrade Blacklist's decadent movie gear to watch great leftist movies "Bronenosets Potyomkin", "Aleksandr Nevsky", and perhaps "Farenheit 9/11".   Will visits horrible streets of Paragon City to see deplorable state of working class, and skyscrapers to see haunts of industrial masters.

Come comrades, is nothing more enlightful and enjoying than learn of Revolution!