Report of 28 Jul 2004

From the Story Arc: Reports to Moscow

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(posted Sunday, August 01, 2004)

 <encrypted message in Russian>
Message: 85818008
Encryption keyphrase: red brown black
Encryption key: Radio Moscow 28Jul04 11:44
Fourth word key: sailed taking across
To: Commissariat of Superhero Affairs, Moscow

Comrade Worker's-Champion:

I have received the devices you sent. The tap is already installed in the security camera at CCCP headquarters, I hope you are receiving signal already. I have not yet decided which set of CCCP-asset armor I will install other device in -- will wait for the proper opportunity.

As instructed, I have attempted to send pictures of the personnel files stored at headquarters, but I was only able to photograph two sets before I was interrupted by Comrade Tokamek. Fortunately it is easy to deceive him and I made a convenient excuse for searching through the files, which he seemed to accept.

Next week I am beginning my course teaching the history and doctrine of Communist thought. I will be keeping very careful tabs on who attends and who does not -- despite encouragement, those who do not attend are clearly showing counterrevolutionary tendencies and disrespect of authority figures. Training was mandated by party leaders. I have selected Special Method Cobalt to instill the proper enthusiasm to those who take the course -- I doubt any of them will notice because the material is difficult to detect.

Operation Bestla is proceeding nicely and has moved on to Phase 3. The subliminal training via Clockwork Mechanism 72 does not seem to be effective however. It could be that she sleeps so deeply she is not in proper dream state for the messages to take hold. Or perhaps she sleeps lightly and does not dream. In either case I have seen little evidence of emplanted memories. While the execution of the plan is proceeding very well, I worry about creating a weapon that we do not fully understand or control. The last experiment of this kind was an utter disaster, and I do not care to repeat that mistake.

I have known you a long time Comrade, and it is not like you to have a single operative involved in an operation like this. So I suspect I am not the only agent from Central in Amerika. While I understand your motives in not identifying the other operative's identity, understand that my ignorance may lead to a failure in intelligence. For instance, if I plant the device in the Model ICBM armor, and the ICBM's operator turns out to be your other mole, the device will be of little utility.

Amerikans continue to underestimate the teamwork and raw power of our heroes, sending us on task force missions that we could do without breaking a sweat. Everything is gauged to rag-tag group of Amerikan so-called heroes who think "tactics" are small cinnamon-flavored candies.

Your suggestion that I assume Political Officer role is not without merit, but I fear I have not yet garnered enough trust and power in the CCCP-Amerika organization to assume such a role. Furthermore, it will increase suspicion in my activities. Better to send someone very visible who can take the role of the "bad guy" and deflect attention away from your other sponsored activities.

<encrypted message out>