Officer Bear

From the Story Arc: Bear It Alone

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(posted Wednesday, March 15, 2006)

Bejouled entered Pocket D as discreetly as possible, carefully making her way over the the "red" side. The elevator leading to the dimensional exits to the Rogue Isles was nearby, and the bouncer gave her a hard look. Under a caged dancer sat an Arachnos soldier, a Huntsman by the look of him, and a snarling beast with a dog's head and a strongman's body, covered in tribal paint. Bejouled calmly approached them.

"Greetings Comrade.. Jenkins?" Bejouled said cautiously. Jenkins was a veteran of recent Brickstown prison escapes and was said to be moving up the ranks of Arachnos soldiers. The beast next to him snarled.

"Bejouled?" Jenkis said, surprised, "I wasn't expecting someone so... womanly. Have a seat." He motioned to an empty chair across the table. Bejouled sat down and hunched over, obscuring her face from passerby.

"I thought you said you'd be alone, Comrade Jenkins. Reduced risk and all that." Bejouled glared at the Huntsman, and cast a suspicious look at the beast-man.

The beast looked back. "ROWRR!" The table shook slightly.

"Smash is OK," said Jenkins, "I rescued him a few months back. He's with a powerful criminal organization known as the Parliament. I wouldn't be too harsh; you never know who could be offering you a job."

"Do you have the merchandise?" Bejouled inquired.

"Yeah," said Jenkins, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a vial of clear liquid. "This is neuroelectric disruption solution. It degrades the connections between physical tissues and electronic equipment. A word of caution, though: it doesn't take effect until after some time, especially at this concentration. It could be months or years until your target begins to weaken and die on his own accord."

"But what about their resistance to physical impacts?" Bejouled flashed a smoldering smile.

"Hmmm, " Jenkins scratched his head, "A well-placed blow to the base of the skull might do the trick, after a few months exposure, of course. It weakens from the brain stem down, you see."

Bejouled grinned. "Here is what you requested, Comrade Jenkins, two-hundred thousand Euros, unmarked and circulated." She handed him a briefcase. Jenkins gave her the vial. The beast-man crossed his arms and uttered a throaty chortle.

"See ya later," said Jenkins, finishing off the rest of his drink.

Bejouled got up from the table and slipped the solution into her utility belt. "Do svedonia, Comrade Jenkins. And good day, beast-man." She put her head down and briskly walked back to the Paragon City elevator.


"Hmmmph! Hmmmmmmmmmmmph! Harrumph!" Bear leaned further over the table, pointing at his collar. "Hmmmph!"

"I can see it, Old Man," Bejouled said, irritated, "I know you're an Official now."

Bear smiled, "So, what do you think?"

"I think you're an old fool, that's what."

"You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is."

Bejouled pulled a vial of clear liquid out of her belt. "I spoke with Comrade Bella today."

"Commissar Bella," corrected Bear.

"Da, Commissar Bella," she emphasized the word like a serpent, "She gave me a vitamin supplement to add to your vodka. I'd hate to see you get all frail and weak."

"Da," Bear nodded, "I would wind up a useless Kheldian cocoon like those poor souls in that documentary we saw last week. What was that called?"

" Cocoon." Said Bejouled.

"Da, Wilfred Brimley is an enemy of the people. Poor old fools, led to their demise by someone they trusted."

"Indeed, by someone they trusted."

Bejouled stared out the window, smiling. Through the smog and the twilight, for the first time, she felt at home.