To All Comrades

(posted Sunday, March 19, 2006)

To: All Comrades
Status: Vital, read immediately
From: Untermensch, Communard, Bestial Boy, Belladonna Aura
Subject: Future Leadership of CCCP and YC


Commissar Red Saviour is returning to Russia, to take up the position held by the late Worker's Champion as CCCP Liasion to the Party. Commissar Mojiotok is already there as Liason to the Politburo.

Effective immediately, the Paragon City leadershp will be under four Commissars, as it was when the CCCP first came to Paragon City. These Commissars will be: Untermensch, Communard, Bestial Boy and Belladonna Aura.

Effective immediately, the leadership of Young Champions will be under three Commissars: Function Five, Russian Battler, and Waitron9000

This change in leadership duties will enable the CCCP to flourish as it did under the old system. Red Saviour will have oversight of us from Moscow.

Collectivism! Cooperation! Commitment! for the Proletariat!

Yours, for the CCCP

Belladonna Aura, acting secretary to the Commissars