Back on the Streets

From the Story Arc: EMPhysical

Previous Story in the Arc: You've got mail by Dr. Bella Dawn Parker (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)

(posted Sunday, March 26, 2006)

"It is amazing, so much has happened..." The hero known as Krasniy Zakat muttered as he gazed across the area of Paragon City known as Skyway, a small cement barrier the only thing between him and a hundred meter drop into a junkyard full of clockwork automatons eager to tear him apart. He narrowed his eyes as he tried to make out the strange flying apparatus in the distance - some kind of helicopter? - that ferried people to some nearby warzone. "Paragon City just a step away from invasion by the greatest force of supervillains ever known..."

He heard a snort. "We'll let Statesman and his Freedom Phalanx worry about that." His wife stepped beside him, sitting down on the railing of the elevated highway. He smiled as he watched her, he always liked the look of the skintight uniform. Especially the way it emphasized her legs...

"Sasha." She snapped at him, drawing his eyes up to her's. He saw the look of concern in them, the lovely staring down at... He looked down and noticed his hands were starting to sink into the concrete, a blue glow around them causing the hard substance to melt. He jerked his hands back and shook the residue off his arms before it could harden once more. He mumbled an apology with a terrible look of guilt in his eyes, but Zarya simply howled, pointing at the impressions of his hands in the quickly-hardening cement. "You should sign your artwork!"

Zakat sighed and turned away, watching his hands start to glow once more. "I need to release some energy..." He whispered, his eyes daring around for a target. It didn't take him long to find a group of gigantic trolls standing out in the horizon. He pointed them out to her, "I haven't seen them that big, before... Something new?"

Zarya merely shrugged, spreading her arms out wide as a green glow encompassed the both of them. The two of them ran off towards their targets, a pair of yellow streaks following them. By this point the duo could coordinate without words, a bolt of blue energy from Zakat followed by a rippling wave of fire to keep the supertrolls back. He was able to make quick work of the mutants, sighing happily as the energy that threatened to rip him apart vanished.

"Six months in Russia, and things are worse than before..." Zarya muttered as they approached the unconcious creatures, getting a closer look at these new strains of trolls. "And I thought we were making headway against the tide of super-powered villains."

"Da..." He reached up rubbing the middle of his forehead. Looked like another migraine was coming. "Worse." The trip to Russia had been a big flop. He had hoped to do some field analysis on the radiation that spawned his powers, but found nothing they hadn't learned before, and instead spent the whole time in bed nursing one headache after another. The headaches were weaker now that he was back on the streets.

Zarya gave him a look of concern and they both sped off, back to their apartment in Founder's Falls.