A letter to The CCCP from Red Star

(posted Friday, March 31, 2006)

Beloved friends of mine. Greetings it is I Alex Storkefski II The Red-Star
I am writing this letter to tell of the most resent happenings on my life. As you know I left the CCCP some time ago and I feel as if it was the best choice that I could have made. I am now a Professor of European history and specializing in Russian history at paragon university in founders falls. Nania and I have moved in to a penthouse condo at a very reasonable price. The baby is doing well she is growing like a weed. Our family doctor is amazed at her motor skills. She is far more advanced than any child he has seen at this age which is age 4 months. I neglected to tell you all what I and Nania named her did I. I am sorry. I named her Natalya after you commissioner. To honor you and the CCCP. I hope you will not be crossed with me. I have also adopted little Natasha from the orphanage in King's Row. What a little spitfire she is. She puts on her CCCP pajamas every night and runs around the Condo fighting bad guys like her favorite heroes. The gift that you gave her commissioner is her favorite item next to a stuffed female bear she has named after you. You do not know the looks I get in public some times with a child that can quote entire lines from the communist manifesto. It is to die for. She does a very good impersonation of you as well when she says the quotes. Even being 6 ears old she does not fully understand what she is saying, but is very interested to hear it. She also wanted me to ask you or some of the others to come and visit her or if I could bring her by to see the head quarters. Now as far as the Ghost goes comrade I do have some interesting news he is not as active as he was with gathering information. His sources on the rouge islands say there is unconfirmed reports that the Czarist as well as your old friend General Postaski are very active there making a name for themselves. I would be careful when having teams perform operations on this islands commissioner. The hatred this 2 men have for the CCCP has not died. Well anyway Hope all is well with the rest of the team. Give them by best.
Best wishes,
Alex Storkefski II The Red-Star