From the Story Arc: Battle Stations: Aftermath

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(posted Tuesday, April 11, 2006)

Whenever Kasparas was overwhelmed by the decadence of Paragon City - the noise, the lights, the pollution, everything - he would take refuge on the branch of a tall tree somewhere in the middle of Perez Park. He'd listen to the voices of his comrades on the comm. unit and shut everything else out. Perez Park's tree canopy wasn't at all like home, but it was something.

The only other place he felt comfortable in the city was now in ruins. When he thought of CCCP headquarters now, all he could see were the bodies of fallen comrades and the scars on the survivors - scars that reminded him of the horrific battle they had all fought.

And here am I, communing with nature. Not spending time with friends.

When he arrived in Paragon City, he thought his chosen codename "Cagey Bee" was an amusing pun, and a bit apt. After all, he didn't really know anyone, and the city was overwhelming. He did feel a bit cagey: hesitant, guarded, wary. As he learned how to focus and enhance his powers, he felt more confident. Yet that was in battle; in social settings, he still had a bit of work to do.

Something on the comm. unit woke Kasparas from his reverie. Some Tsoo had kidnapped a scientist, and another hero was requesting help from anyone who wasn't too injured by the Council assault. He pulled on his gloves and answered in the affirmative.

And maybe after the battle, I will ask if anyone wants to go out for a drink.