A Reason Why

From the Story Arc: Battle Stations: Aftermath

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(posted Tuesday, April 11, 2006)

Madame Molotov flew above the skies of King’s Row. Tears streamed down her face and evaporated in the wind as she glided through the air. In the distance the plumes of smoke still rose from the CCCP’s headquarters. Molotov could not believe the events that had transpired in the past 48 hours. Why did this happen? The security she had felt, the safety of the walls of the CCCP… no one had dared approach them. Sure, a few of the Lost had wandered by now and a then, but they were called the “Lost” anyway. No one with half a brain came within 2 blocks of the CCCP base. Now… it was gone… and with it several teammates. The walls could be rebuilt, but the lives of her comrades… Bella had told Molotov that such is the way of life. The CCCP will rebuild. Death is a certainty for most, but no matter what Bella had said, Molotov still felt that perhaps part of this was her fault.

The Council was no stranger to the CCCP. The events that led to the past few days have stretched back farther than Molotov had been alive. Enemies have a strange way of never quite going away. They are always lurking… waiting for that opportunity to strike. Bella had spoken with Molotov for quite some time and tried to assure her that this was retaliation from when Red Saviour led an assault on the Council. The Council has cells all over Paragon City, the raid on Striga may have hit them hard, but they were not down and out. Molotov had not been present for that raid, but months later, Molotov had been the target and she had also been captured by the Council. Molotov was rescued by the CCCP and several other allies, but the Council did not forget and they never went away.

Molotov spent the next few months after her rescue recovering and seeking out the man responsible for her kidnapping. Yet Archon Vilnius had eluded her and she had not found him again. She had returned to Striga several times and her vengeance against the Council had become her life. Every chance she had to take on the Council and send their agents to the Zig she took. When Patrol assignments came up, Molotov always sought out the ones against the Council. Since her rescue, she had personally sent hundreds of the Council’s troops to the Zig.

Now, perhaps that vengeance has cost the CCCP. “Violence begets violence,” Bella had told her. Now, the lives of her comrades…including Commissar Mojiotok… were gone forever. Bella had tried to assure Molotov that this was no fault of hers… The Council had probably planned this long before Molotov’s capture, yet deep down, Molotov felt somewhat at fault. Perhaps they would not have been out for blood if she had not reigned the fire down on them as hard as she did. Perhaps if she had been at the base when the attack started… perhaps she could have helped spare some of the comrades the fate that ultimately claimed them.

No matter who was at fault, the fact remained that many comrades died a horrible death. Bella had insisted that the CCCP end the violence and not fight death with death. However, as Molotov continued to weep as she took another look at the smoke filled sky, she wondered if the next time she encountered the Council, would she be able to hold back? Or will she be sending their agents to the grave?