A Cold Day in Hell

From the Story Arc: Battle Stations: Aftermath

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(posted Wednesday, April 12, 2006)

With in hours of the battle of Skyway city ending, Soviet Winter limp back to the ruins of CCCP headquarters. His home, his work, his pride and will had all been broken this day. It was another in a long line of defeats for him. He heard a voice say " Do it"

He look around but there was no one alive close to him. Off and about there was Longbow and Paragon PD begining the task of IDing the bodies of all the fallen. He could not bear the sights he had to endure on his way down to where he bunked.

On the way to what was left of his living quarters he ran into Chug. "Comrade Chug would like to help for a couple of minutes?

Okies dat would be fun.

Good and when we are done I will make your ice cream extra cold like I use to.


Can you go down to storage and grab me a large trunk and bring it up to where I sleep.

Ummh we no have any ellie pants down there.

" Do it"

If Soviet Winter was not at the end of his rope he would have laughed but instead he lashed out at Chug and said, " You idiot! I ask for something simple and you can not comprhend the simplest of instructions!


Forgive me Chug, I will go with you and show you what a trunk is and you can carry it for me and then I will make your ice cream cold.

After sometime the two of them returned to Winters quarters.

Chug no like mushy council man in your room.

Me neither, go get some ice cream while I pack some of my things.

Soviet Winter then got to work packing his personal stuff in the trunk. He then made his bed in perfect military inspection style, quarters would bounce high on this bed. He then neatly folded his CCCP issued costume and placed it just below his pillow.
" Do it"
Then he took out the note he had wrote earlier and placed it on his uniform.
Lastly he took the pistol that had been the fallen council member and placed it inside of his trunk.

Oh Goodie! Chug said as he entered the room, "They picked up mushy bad man!"

Yes Chug he is gone.

With a flick of his wrist Soviet Winter made Chugs ice cream very cold. Winter sat and eat ice cream. He told Chug how his team failed to hold the back door. How his actions had cause Mojiotok to lose his life. How this was another in a long line of failures. How the deaths of a whole dimension still weighed heavily on him.

MMmmmh Chug sorry Chug have brain freeze and not heard what you said.

" Do it"

Can you carry my trunk up to the car I have rented.

Sure Snowy man, are you going some place? Cuz Chug miss you.

Yes I am going somewhere and you can not come with me this time Chug.

" Do it"

Chug pick up the trunk and carried it upstairs and loaded it into the car Soviet Winter had rented. They said there goodbyes and Chug cried his eyes out. Winter wanted to cry but his tears froze before they could leave his ducts.

" Do it"

The note sat there for hours until Bella was doing an inspection on how the clean up was going. Dread filled her as soon as she saw Winters uniform with the note on it.

Oh No! she exclaimed...............