Soviet Winters Final Letter

(posted Wednesday, April 12, 2006)

April 12, 2006
Soviet Winter

Dear Comissars and Comrades, I regret to inform you that I must now say

goodbye. As you may have known I came here from a different dimension. My

dimension had a fascist group also, they were the Fifth Column. They killed many of

my comrades there also. I thought I had buried that hurt deep within me, I was

wrong. I am also responsible for the destruction of a entire dimension, my home

dimension. Comrades this has been weighting on me since I have arrived here.

Lately I have heard rumors of the fascist villian who I fought on that dreadful day,

causing havok in Rogue Islands. So I write that up as another in a long line of


But the attack on CCCP headquarters is the final straw! I was not here to protect

it in the first place. Then my group was in charge of taking the back door. And we

failed! My failure cost the lives of many comrades! I see no more hope! Only more

death and destruction will follow me! My fight is finished! I am leaving now and

none of you will be able to follow where I go! You and this dimension will be better

off with out me!

Goodbye all, serve the Motherland proudly!

Soviet Winter