From the Story Arc: Battle Stations: Aftermath

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(posted Friday, April 14, 2006)


That was all that Krasnaya Zvezda could feel. Naturally, he’d been hurt before, but even in his past as Alexander and Red Star, nothing had ever come close to this.

There was a memory, from what seemed an eternity ago: sweeping over Council troops, as they struggled to rise in the aftermath of John Murdocks explosion; dropping out of his Mefnanim form and then leaning down to administer some Kora essence to the exhausted Peacebringer. Then it all changed, his world faded, replaced with this soul-destroying pain. One part of Kras attempted to react, to work out what had happened, but that part was quickly overwhelmed. Something was ripping into him, tearing Alexander and Red Star apart, tearing them in two and it hurt.

Alexander felt like he was in Hell. He was burning/freezing/being skinned alive and he couldn’t even scream. He was aware of the symbiosis he shared with Red Star disintegrating and the growing distance between them. Reaching out with his remaining strength, he tried desperately to grab hold of her.

Through the intense pain, Red Star could feel herself diminishing; feel the connection she had with Alexander fading. Alexander was losing consciousness and without his help to push back the pain and hold them together…

She couldn’t, wouldn’t let that happen. As darkness enveloped her, instinct took over; she hung on and fought back the only way she knew how.

Opening the blinds, Amberlee gazed at a glorious blue sky.

It’s too nice a day for all this. Being a nurse was fulfilling and she wouldn’t swap it for the world, but sometimes you just see too much pain and suffering. After the last few days, with all the funerals and eulogies on top of everything else, it was just too much. She needed some time off.

Casting a wistful look outside, she turned her attention back to the patient’s chart. Everything seemed normal, but he’d been unconscious for a couple of days now and the doctor was starting to become concerned.

A slight stirring alerted her. Glancing at the monitors, she quickly checked his vitals, they all looked good and it seemed like he was finally waking up.

“Hi there, sleepyhead. How are” She jumped as, what was his name again, Krasnaya?, sat up with a start.

“Easy tiger, you’re in the hospital. It’s okay, you’re safe now, you‘ll be fine. You were injured in that fight with the Council, but were brought here along with….”

Looking around in disbelief, Red Star let the woman’s voice wash over her. No, it wasn’t okay and wouldn’t be fine, ever again.

“oh Alex, what have I done?”