Bad News

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(posted Tuesday, April 18, 2006)

In sports today Larry Stocks of the Paragon Giants was accused of superdyne use. It is unclear if...

I am sorry Hal but we have breaking news it seems as if there has been a situation on the Independence Port Bridge we go to live report from Stormy Meadows.

Thank you Christy, It seems as though Russia’s Premiere team of heroes has suffered yet another loss. Earlier today a rental car driven by Soviet Winter stopped midspan on the I.P. bridge. He then proceed to wall himself off with a wall of ice. For about five minutes nothing happen. People who were caught in the traffic jam tried to peer around the ice for a view on what was going on. Then a loud gun shot rang out! A wittiness from the power plant side of the bridge, saw the red and gold figure of Soviet Winter fall into the bay.

After the ice melt investigators combed the scene on the bridge for a clue as to what happen. There was a large trunk with Soviet Winters sparse belongings, a scalpel, and a high powered Council weapon found on the scene. It appears that Winter preformed some sort of hasty surgery and removed his Hero Id slash hospital porting device. It is speculated he removed this so he would not be ported to the hospital and thus not be able to end his life.

Helicopters are now scanning the bay for his body and low powered telepaths have been employed by PCPD, to try and pick up his brain activity. Dredging will begin early tomorrow morning, but the PCPD aren’t expecting to find the body because of the strong currents. I am sure the CCCP will conduct their own investigation. Speaking as one of the many residents of Paragon City, one has to wonder what would drive such a heroic hero to such a cowards death. Reporting live from Independence Port I’m Stormy Meadows, back to you Christy....