Is that a skull?

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Monday, August 02, 2004)

The pain is almost entirely gone now and I want to get this down before I fall asleep. These are my only lucid time, after feeding and before sleep. I call it feeding, but I am not sure what it is. They all call me a vampire and I do crave blood, but I do not think I actually drink it...more like I soak it up in spines. Spines. I have spines. I thought they were bone. But I think they are more like giant hairs. I believe this because I have many smaller versions of these ""spines"" all over my body now. Is disgusting. When I first saw big one come out of my chest, I thought I was dying. Never have I felt such pain. Then everything went red and next thing I remember is comrades grouped around me, I am covered in blood, comrades trying to pin me. I hope I did not hurt any of them. That must have been first time I experienced the lust. I do not black out anymore. I can remember every detail of my ""eating"" now. It would be horrible to normal person. The spine goes into my meals body and soaks as much fluid up as possible and then injects its own green fluid. I have no idea what this green fluid is...maybe I am digesting them outside first. Why do I not think this is terrible? I generally hunt Skulls and Hellions, they are plentiful and vibrant. They have a certain mystic energy sometimes. There has been no real food for days. But my hunger is lessoning. My lucid periods are growing longer. I can talk on this machine for almost 20 minutes before I must sleep...does not seem long, but more than I had two days ago. Where the hell am I now? I remember ICBM brought me in last night...some lab. There is a man here who checks up on me. I'm not locked up...the privilege of a commissar I guess. He looks like a Skull. I wonder if he knows I prefer to feed on his kind. Why is a Skull looking after me?