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From the Story Arc: Sketches of Spain

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(posted Monday, August 02, 2004)

Deep sea mission liberating Galapagos Tortoise from regime of fascist invading Californian Sea Lion and distributing water proof party pamphlets to spotted eagle rays at 60 feet below sea level was okay. While liberation of Galapagos Tortoise went very well, mind changing of Californian Sea Lions not so much. Are silly creatures, once they have invaded and set up regime all they can think about it playing the underwater tag. I am happy to return to Paragon city with my brother however is not the same as when I left.

First night back I could not sleep for wanting to patrol so went out to fight baddies.
I am meeting several nice people, and some not so nice. I am trying to make nice with everyone, not be so strong a woman as I had to be in spain nightclubs but is hard when they are making fun of me so much. Ms. Ing woman is pretty much calling me a slut because of clothes. My outfit was right for nightclub gigs when fleecing capilalists for the good of the party. Perhaps is not so right here. If wanting to make fun of fighting ability is fine, I am learning I know, but to call skirt "plether ho gear" is too much if it is meaning what I think. I loose the cool and use american slang for putting shoe in kakahole with her. There is therepist there with us and he does not approve. I am feeling bad, but feelings are hurt also. I am having no problems jumping in these shoes, she push me off wall, but no one else there to see. Then another girl show up and Ms. Ing pecks on her, which is nice because she is not trying to be making friends and fights back, leaving me off hook as they say but after awhile I get tired of gum flapping so attack baddies on own which makes therepist angry again. Later I am meeting big panther brother - I am liking him much better, he seems to like outfit and does not make fun of shoes.

Is harder to fit in here, I do not know what to do. Is worse understanding now as I have been moved to another group just for being of Spain. I am liking other group just fine, they are very good comrades and I am proud to fight with them so am still happy there but am confused that communist econimic system is now having nationality devide. Are we no longer brothers and sisters but cousins twice removed from hairy auntie's side? Is even worse, Mosca has been removed from both groups and no longer appears as comrade member even though I nag him to complete paperwork and he says he turns it in on time. I am afraid he will be proud and return to South America where he was accepted easy. It has been so long since I have seen him.... if he leaves should I go with him? I do not think I'd like to live in jungle camps. I am meeting our CCCP leader briefly last night but she and Bestla Woolfie Wolf are on way to stop bomb and have no time for talking. Comrade making with the pretty bubbles was there too but I didn't get to greet him and some man I do not know was there also. Next thing I know all are gone and funny is I can't get smell of garlic and old milk out of nose.

English is horrible, must work on him. But am so unhappy and confused it comes out as babble. I am having great mission last night with kind Red Menace but when I am home I think more of Mosca and slutty outfit comments so console self with something they call, "TV shopping." I am buying new Supergroup outfit, even though I am not in CCCP anymore I get those colors as is what they had. CCCP outfit was no more covering than current outfit but on deep discount. Probably because is no longer okay for me and I will not be able to wear it as soon as CCCP paperwork is complete but they will not know if I wear it at home while vaccuming floor. I am also getting some new training materials to help me be better for team mates. Perhaps if I fight better and run faster they will not make fun of clothes as I cannot afford new ones.

Is hard, so hard. This is not the life I came from. I am afraid I will defend myself too strongly with new comrades and they will not want me in group - then and if Mosca leaves I will have no one here. Perhaps I should see if city has any nightclubs for backup plan but if I go back to that and have no family on Left what will I do with money I roll from stupid capitalist men? Am used to living on 10 percent... keeping it all for self does not seem like good socialist thing to do.