Mainframe Maintenance

(posted Saturday, June 03, 2006)

From: Krasniy Zakat
To: All Members of the CCCP

Subject: Mainframe Maintenance

Comrades, this message is to inform you that I am upgrading and replacing the mainframes that run all our base systems. Everything is backed up, but it is entirely possible that something may go wrong.

Until further notice, please minimize your use of the base computer systems.

Thank you,
Krasniy Zakat

((Hey, all, this is important, listen up.

We are switching servers soon, because we're changing providers. The new site, though, is PHP, while this is ASP, so the change is not going to be nice and easy. I have to rebuild the site from scratch, essentially, and have been doing so.

The problem, though, is that our old provider decided to end the contract this week, and the new site isn't ready yet. I'm putting myself to the grindstone to finish it, but it may not be ready when the server goes down, so here's the rules:

Do not post any new Stories or Memos, as I don't know if I'll be able to get a recent backup. I will transfer all our stuff to the new site, so don't worry about those.

Also, do not edit your characters, add new ones, etc until the server switch, for the same reasons. I don't know when the server switch happens, so I can't be sure of getting the latest backup.

Finally, if you try to hit the site, and get a message saying the site is gone, don't worry about it, I'll put up the new site as soon as it works. Hopefully, I'll finish it even before the switch happens, so it will be unnoticeable.))