New Requisition: Official Hazzard Suit

From the Story Arc: Where Eagles Dare

Previous Story in the Arc: Berkut by John Murdock (Saturday, June 24, 2006)

(posted Saturday, June 24, 2006)

Official Correspondance
To: All CCCP and YC Members, affiliated Rebuild Paragon Congress groups
From: CCCP Workshop, Petrograd
Subject: Hazzard Suit

Comrades, through chance discovery on part of comrade Murdock, CCCP is now equipped to dispense state-of-art hazzard suits to any comrade in need. Standardized suits are available for emergency use, but individually fitted units can be requisitioned with appropriated notice ahead of time (1-2 days).

Suits are available for comrades assigned to reactor maintenance, portal excursions, sewer reconaisance, opponents proficient in biological/chemical warfare, opponents exploiting a specific weakness (per individual), or for any reasonable request.

Suits are issued in red, but will hold paint for otherwise-inclined RPC allies.

Following are technical specifications. Best of luck, tovarischi!!

Designation : CCCP Mk 185b 'Berkut' HES-HI (Hazardous Environment Suit, Hero Issue)
* Internal self-sealing (Abrasion, cut, and piercing resistant) pressure suit, including woven electro-temperature control (Sustainable temperature endurance from -290 to +310 Fahrenheit (-179 to +154 Celsius)) and flash-fire proof rated kevlar/nomex weave covering (Heat and flash protection to 800degreesF(427degreesC)).
* Hard-suit consisting of rigid lead-lined plates protects suit components from high-velocity impacts (rated micrometeroid impact from 102,400km/h(64,000mph) velocity) and background radiation (tested at 15,000 Rads, 7% normal contamination to user)
* Incorporated rebreather/air filtration system (redundant HEPA filtration to 0.3 microns)
* Incorporated Rikti fusion cell power unit with kinetic energy-harvesting joint sysetm (Memo: Power is nyet cheap tovarischi, units will be issued with 10% charge, so am recomending brisk jog before combat use. ~Petrograd)
* Fully articulated joints offering wide range of appendage motion at shoulder, elbow, wrist, waist, neck, hips, knees, index fingers, and ankles
* Pressurized 8.3psi body glove shell, 0 prebreathe period for synchronization
* Gold-coated glare-supressant visor/blast shield for protection from ultraviolet light, incorporated HUD/Gen 4 NV filter holographically projected onto inner visor.
* Quartz-bulb shoulder lamp providing illumination to ~10 meters. Rated 3000 lumens (actual output may vary)
* Attachable Portable Life Support System (PLSS) for extended activity in inhospitable environments. (includes: 1.05 pound oxygen supply housed in 46.6 square ibch tank with 900 psi. Connects via inlet directly into suit helmet, warmed to 'comfortable' temperature.)
* Mark 185b-M2 Combat Drug dispenser (Auto-doc compatible, specialized stimulant loads to be issued based on need).
* RSB3 Web Belt including 10 NP1 pouches and 1 28B standard-issue entrenchment shovel in SCVR1 carrying case.
* SV-7201 Self-Monitoring Suit 'Consciousness' Unit, with complete diagnostic sensor rig, issued GSV02 Gamaiun Assistant AI as standard.
Cost per unit: N/A (Issued on basis of need). Base unit salvaged, custom capability enhancements not calculated.

Variant: CCCP Mk 185b-m 'Berkut' Medical HES-HI

* Crey Industries Tactical Medic pak/drug dispensor.
* Antibiotic suit/wound hardening foam sealant dispenser (provides environmental seal in 0.25 seconds at 0-5 ATM pressure, thrombin/saline coagulant stabilizes hemorrhaging wounds)
* Llewellco experimental Fluid Generator. Takes water from any source, sterilizes, filters, adds dehydrated artificial hemoglobin and electrolytes, dispenses into standard IV pack.
* Llwellco armor elbow, wrist, knee and hip joints
* Freedom-corps issued self-sealing, self-sterilizing surgical gloves; improved flexibility and self-heating elements for precise medical operations at any temperature.
* Llewellco half-helmet with integrated HUD interfaced with Soviet AI.
* 'Softskin' vacuum hood stored for emergency depresurization.
* GSV02M Gamaiun 'Nurse' AI, equipped with medical encyclopedia for rare conditions.
* Vital sign receptors integrated into left glove. (pulse, BP, temp)
* Universal data jack integrated into right wrist, for taking readings from entities in containment suits.
* Universal biochip reader integrated into suit electronics for reading hospital/teleporter and ID tags.
* High-power suit transmitter for interfacing with hospital recieving ward (.0008 sec improved hospital teleportation evacuation time)
* Dispensing pouch. One-shot hospital teleporter tags for evaccing civilians and heroes with defective tags.

((Petro: The Berkut HES-HI is available to any CCCPers who want to use their third or fourth costume slots on it, especially if you feel your character could use it. They're not mandatory, but would be fine on 'uniformed' runs in hazardous environments.

I'll post the in-game components here, on the forums, and on the RPC forums soon for those who want to take advantage of the suit.))