First night returning to patrol

From the Story Arc: Sketches of Spain

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(posted Monday, August 02, 2004)

Tonight I return to duties after long time at hospital. Silly contact woman is sending me alone into building of Nazi German boiled sausage eaters resulting in several weeks of intensive care. Gato says is strange nurse changed paperwork to extend doctor's recommended stay, but nurse she say sponge bath is necessary for healing.

In any way, I am meeting People's Blade and she is officially inducting me into red brigade. Gato will be pleased as she was worried I misfile paperwork. Note to book black, Spicy Ginger Flower is not correct title when addressing Chinese women of rank. Tourist women in Madrid lied. Ah, but such sweet and spicy lies... perhaps thing about Pu foods is true, otherwise I ate that disgusting soup for nothing. Ahem, so People's Blade is taking to teach me about Tsoots. I am learning to run away very fast. Later she is offering to remove hospital supplied cotton from my ears even though it is not her I am offering it to. Then the blade of the people is handing me over to Thermos, a controller of skill. He is keeping hot things cold, which is not how I understood to work but together with smart planning we steam street bugs like seafood. His mission itself is still too much for me after hospital stay and stupido airport loosing luggage with all my good bombs - this American issued devices are like small firecrackers for children. We go to my mission which originally sent me to hospital and we clear out all Nazi bugs.

Next I am doing a little more street hunting on my own and am doing very well! Not only am I being granted new security level but nice woman I saved from silly hell boy is coming for dinner – she is very distraught and needs comforting. So I train then do a little shopping. Some wine for dinner, some more supplies to make American bombs better working – some stranger even giving me 9 more credits to complete purchases when silly shop keeper does not accept Spanish monies for small change. Why is it not when they are always giving me the useless Canadian monies! Last thing I do is have brief talk to Kostyak – he seems like good man, perhaps I will asking him to make sure Gato is not troubled by American men when I am otherwise busy. And she is talking too much of Heavy brother liking outfit….. though I am liking Heavy Brother I am not having enough eyes.

Ahh….. I hear musical buzz of mostly broken doordong, is time for comforting…..