Time for retrival

(posted Tuesday, August 03, 2004)

Commisar Red Saviour,

news has reached me that the biological weapon we sent to Red Brigade for a short punitive exile has greatly improved since her arrive at Paragon City. You may know her as “Bestla”, but from now on we’ll refer to her simply as “Specimen 371, Beast”. This speciment was fielded with a special security collar, studied to make her more.. calm.. and to guarantee your own security. Still, signals from the collar have been missing on our radars since a few day after her arrive at Paragon City. Our fear is that we’ve overestemated the life of the batteries, and that they could have been exausted intentionally by that foul girl. Don’t let her face decive you, she’s a feral and almost uncontrollable beast, without her collar.

Along with this letter you should recieve the new batteries for her collar, be sure to apply them only when the specimen is under the effect of strong narcotics, becouse she despise the collar so much, she could even try to bite you when you approach with the new batteries.

Notice that the battery when properly inserted must not be touched anymore, any attempt to remove them when still funtioning will result in a short area high damaging sonic explosion, that will probably result in the death of our specimen and anyone in close proximity.


On a side note: Commissar Red Menace must not be involved in this matter. Even if he claims otherwise, he has no authority whatsoever on “Specimen 371, Beast”, and has no right to contest Central Committee Russia on this subject.