Greek Tragedy II

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Conference Room 2A at the Zigursky penitentiary was painted an institutional cream color. As normal for a Friday morning, the room was filled with the topic of discussion a review of the week in America's supervillan prison. Assistant Warden Cranston led off the next topic by slapping a pudgy fist on the chipped pine of the table.

"Now we come to the fight last week in D Block." He said, as his pudgy bald head gleamed in the flickering of the florescent lights. "The final count was three inmates dead and five in the prison hospital." The cause of all three deaths flashed on the wall in front of him. A young Asian-American girl's face scowled at the prison photographer as he took her mug shot. An unruly mane of black-brown hair framed a deceptively round face whose almond shaped blue eyes were narrowed at something out of the picture. The caption beneath the picture read: Lee, Kim KNOWN ALIAS Clytemnestra.

A Greek Tragedy-Act I "From his Mother's womb untimely ripp'd"

Doctor Lane was the next to speak. The frames of her wire rimmed glasses gleamed in the light as she leaned forward in her chair. "Miss Lee was recently released from Infirmary D following her miscarriage of her unborn child. Apparently, some of the other inmates accosted her in the connecting hall and began to assault her verbally with taunts about this and the father of her child." A second image flashed on the screen, this one of a black man in a wheelchair being led onto a prison aircraft by a pair of Russian policemen. "Miss Lee reacted physically and assaulted all eight of the individuals present, even though surveillance showed that two were actually uninvolved in the abuse. Of the five now in the hospital, I would say that one will likely die within the next day, and two more will require extended stays until their broken bones heal."

A third person leaned forward. "Professor Baldwin, do you have something to add?" The hook nosed elderly academic nodded in response as he rested the padded elbows of his tweed suit upon the table.

"MAGI has completed its initial analysis of the gold bracelets that have been fused to Miss Lee's forearms. The symbology is consistent with a Classical Greek origin and some of the glyphs indicate the name of Medea, the priestess of the Sun God Apollo who aided Jason in the quest for the Golden Fleece and then was betrayed by him in mythology. In addition, the bracelets are linked to Miss Lee's soul in some way that we are still determining. However, there is a definite draining effect on her life energies, which makes me suspect the presence of some curse in the mana matrix..."

"Yes yes, we know, Professor. Unless anyone has objections, we shall shift Miss Lee to Cell 13 in Omega Block and put her on a solitary routine. Also, we will fit her with a stronger mana dampener to neutralize those bracelets while MAGI continues its investigation of how to remove them." With that statement, Clytemnestra was sent to the notorious Omega Block where the worst of the worst were kept in solitary. Mad Scientists, Supervillans, Serial Killers, and Psychopaths, were all kept there, in the wing referred to in prison slang as 'The Cooler'.

< Six weeks later >

Clytemnestra entered her dingy apartment in Haven Town on Cap De Diable. Three days after the placement in Omega Block, she had managed to escape in the Arachnos Breakout, along with several dozen other prisoners. Many people called the Rogue Islands a hell on earth, and Mercy Island as the Ninth Circle of hell. For Clytemnestra, after her three days in the Cooler, it was paradise on earth. NO more having to fight to defend her soul, her life and her body....

She shook off the memories, and locked and barred the door behind her. The moldy book she had 'acquired' from a Legacy Chain library thudded on her stained and torn plastic table. Eagerly she opened it and began to peruse the contents. Some of the artifacts portrayed in the book were so alien in design that they made her eyes hurt, but eventually she saw one that she recognized. Her breathing stopped as she looked at the description of 'The Needle of Jocasta'.

She remembered seeing Heracles (Can't cry, never cry, never show weakness) as he removed it from the silk wrapping it and felt the raw power emanating from the stained bronze knitting needle, inscribed with blood red glyphs in script too faint to see. Then she remembered him telling her before he went to sleep in the bed that they shared about how he had placed it in the secret vault under the warehouse...and where the vault was located.

Two days later she stood outside the warehouse that had housed Heracles. The major damage that raid had done to the Warriors showed, as now the Council had taken over this stretch of the docks. Clytemnestra narrowed her eyes and smiled evilly. Time to show those punks who was top dog in Striga still...

She turned her iPod's volume to maximum and selected her favorite playlist. As the opening notes of Nine Inch Nails "Closer" screamed from her earphones, she took a running charge at the door. Dark energies swirled around her, enveloping her in a cocoon fueled by her rage, hatred, and anger. As she charged through the door, the neighborhood was treated to the sounds of shots, screams and explosions as a miniature war broke out on the docks.

The next morning saw her on a ship back to the Rogue Islands. Clutched in her hands was a lacquered box containing the ancient bronze needle that had blinded the mother of Oedipus. Behind her was a scene of carnage that, in the words of the police report: "Defied description, who knew that someone existed that could literally pull a Vampyr limb from limb." The final count of victims from what would be called the Warehouse Massacre was estimated at thirty, although there were enough missing pieces and unclaimed body parts to account for a half dozen more found littering the scene.

Clytemnestra's lips curled in a smile that held no warmth and precious little sanity in it. Part one of her plan to gain revenge on the CCCP had begun, and the fools didn't even know that she was on their trail! Mad laughter rang out over the water as she felt, for the moment close to peace.

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