Resignation of Post

From the Story Arc: Bitter Pill

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(posted Wednesday, July 26, 2006)

***Private Communication***
From: Bejouled
To: Commissar Belladonna Aura
RE: Resignation of Post


With a cold heart and a heavy hand, I must declare that I, Bejouled, am renouncing my affiliation with the CCCP. I have recently found a new employer with goals more similar to mine. I know this leaves the CCCP significantly worse-looking and less photogenic, but I feel that it is in both of our best interests that I leave.

The Soviet Bear also resigns his commission as an Officer of the CCCP on a technicality, primarily death. If you act quickly, you may be able to preserve his carcass for embalming. Since I was powering his air-conditioning ambiently, you can imagine how ripe he is going to be after a few days.

As you can imagine, I have decided to relocate closer to my work. I am boarding a plane to St. Martial in a few minutes and will be free from whatever petty retaliation you can concoct. I have downloaded the dossiers of all the members of the Rebuild Paragon Congress that the late Soviet Bear had access to (his password was 'ravioli'). I will not turn these over to my new employer, but will, if neccessary, use them in any work-related function.

It is nothing personal; it was just a job.

If I see you in Pocket D, I will give you a kiss and buy you a drink on Arachnos.

-Agent Bejouled

PS: I hear that Communard is back. Perhaps you should give Bear's carcass to him for experimantation. An Old Fool for an Old Fool.