(posted Wednesday, August 04, 2004)

Comrade Red Saviour,

I write these orders expeditiously. I have just been apprised of developments in CCCP America.

I am disturbed and dismayed by recent reports on condition of comrade Commissar Mojiotok. If reports are true, then Comrade Mojiotok is now liability to party and state. You will immediately take away his rank as Commissar, remove him from active duty and return him to Moscow for extensive observance and perlustration. Any and all samples, notes, videos, photos, and/or any other type of reference to Comrade Mojiotok and his condition will be destroyed immediately.

I understand one of your Red Brigade, a former преступный, has been in close contact with project MTK05, he will immediately submit himself to Pravda for reeducation. If this Kostyak does not present himself for state exhortation within next two days, he will be branded traitor, hunted down and killed. All comrades in CCCP and Red Brigade will disclaim any knowledge of Comrade Mojiotok's status, whereabouts and condition. This decree will be followed without question or comment on pain of excoriation.

Your comrade,
Worker's Champion