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From the Story Arc: The Upgrade

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(posted Wednesday, August 04, 2004)

  Dmitry is feeling it necessary to explain his absence over the past few days.  As you are knowing he can not always go on patrol when he is choosing to.  The capitalist pig-dogs at Portacio Labs will keep Dmitry on the compound for patrol and security.  Even getting my message out onto our website is difficult; must be done during late hours of night.  Up until now he is not knowing why.  Since Dmitry's kidnapping they are keeping a tighter leash on him.  Dmitry will digress, it start two weeks ago‚Ķ

   Comrade Marshal Shadow and Dmitry after a good day of smashing little monarchist robots were discussing the nature of what it means to be human or machine.  Dmitry is both, he is blurring lines between two.  As normal around that time of day, he is getting beep sound in ear.  This meaning that Portacio wants Dmitry to come back to lab.  He is having no choice, he must go.  There is tracking device in nasal cavity somewhere and if he is not going back they find him eventually.  But on this occasion Dmitry is wanting to make them wait.  His good undead friend Marshal Shadow is having engaging conversation with him.  The second beep came and Dmitry is ignoring it.  Few minutes later third beep came and then Dmitry knows it is time to be going back.  After third beep Portacio is sending out black vans and helicopters to look for him.  Is real embarrassing.  He is bidding do svedanya to his spooky comrade and making way for inefficient tram system. 

 On way there a black van pulls up beside Dmitry.  They is not hesitating today.  The door opens and group of scientists and armed guards is pulling him in.  Journey back is unusually quiet.  They are not scolding Dmitry for staying out past third beep.  Now you may be asking: why is Dmitry not simply running away from them?  He is strong and nearly indestructible, he can stop the weak pig-dogs of a corporation.  Problem is special guns that armed guards is carrying.  They are not normal guns, they is firing special EMP wave that disrupts Dmitry's nanites and makes him weak.  Escape is not option. 

 Now Dmitry is noticing that we are not going to lab in Talos Island.  Instead we are driving up to large building in Row of Kings. 
"What is this?  We are not going back to lab today?"
"Not today Mr. Curtain.  Despite your haughty attitude towards us as of late, we are rewarding you with a new upgrade."  One of the little fish-faced researchers is saying.

Dmitry should have known then something was wrong.  But he is needing to go now.  Fat security man will be waking up soon to go to bathroom and check up on Dmitry.  Will finish report soon.