Request from Moscow for Visitation Confirmed

(posted Monday, August 14, 2006)

Commissar Belladona Aura,

Given good news of birth of child. I have requested short trip to Moscow to visit Comrade Savior and Comrade Mosca. Is received word that requst granted from State Security. I am taking military flight but will be able to pack small items as gift if under 10 kilos. Is of short notice due to increased security for family. I will be speaking to Moscow State Security contacts on situation of ship also.

Field Commissar Untermensch.

Commissar Untermensch;

You don't need my permission but you certainly have my blessing. Stop by the office and I'll give you a few more things to take with you. I already sent one gift pack on via express mail, but not directly to Saviour. (Gift is a case of cigarettes with a big label NOT AROUND THE BABY). So who knows how much is actually going to get to her.

Please do let Moscow know about the ship. Frankly, in retrospect, I think we're stealing LlewellCo blind on this deal. I've had a thorough inspection, the hazmats are minor and the ship is far from a rust bucket, having been built in 2000. Turns out she's built for the North Sea and has too deep a draft for most ports. Before us, she was under the German flag, Maersk line, well known for taking good care of their vessels.

About the other situation...someone sent Bejouled from Russia to assassinate Bear. I'm thinking rather than saying anything about it just yet, you might do some sniffing around first.

Commissar Belladonna Aura