Second Entry

From the Story Arc: The Upgrade

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(posted Wednesday, August 04, 2004)

Now Dmitry is finding the new generosity of the researchers to be unusual.  They have offered repairs and place to sleep since my stay here in Amerika, that is all.

"Dmitry does not need upgrade.  He is strong!  Could lift this van if he wishes."
One of the scientists, he has glasses like bottom of soda bottle replies, "True.  But remember Mr. Curtain, you are no longer fighting simple peasant rebels.  We feel that you may need an edge here in Paragon City."
 There is something else Dmitry is noticing.  He is never called Mr. Curtain by Portacio staff before, just "The big guy" or "The Iron Commie."  After driving down several blocks we reach a sky scrapper towards the southeast corner of Row of Kings. 

"When you get new office building?" Dmitry is asking.  But he is simply rushed towards the lobby of the building and is escorted by scientists and guards to the elevator.  For some reason several white tarps hang from places on wall and staff seemed to be completely absent.
"Remodeling your new capitalist establishment?" Asking question again.  But corporate pig-dogs still is saying nothing.  Elevator felt like it was going down instead of up, towards a level called L4.  When doors open Dmitry is seeing huge laboratory.  Computers and equipment everywhere.  Dozens of researchers in protective suits and masks stop what they are doing and look back towards Dmitry and guards.  One of them in funny-looking green latex suit with white apron is waiting by elevator. 
"Right this way Mr. Curtain.  We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival."  He is leading Dmitry down endless corridor, guards still following for some reason.

Suddenly Dmitry is hearing beep in ear again.  "Oi!  Dmitry is back now, you can be turning off signal device."  Scientists in latex suit looks back at Dmitry with confused expression.  "What device?"
As Dmitry looks around he is seeing employee lounge across hall.  Sitting on counter there is scientist, drinking from a mug with a logo on it: "Crey Industries"

"You are not Portacio goons!  Where have you taken Dmitry?!"  Could not act in time before guard fired EMP wave at back.  Spasm of pain goes through Dmitry.  Muscles in leg cannot hold him up, and he falls to floor, paralyzed.  

 As Dmitry begins to black out from fatigue and pain he is hearing researcher say, "Incompetent cowards!  We cannot administer the new nanites unless he can consciously accept the new programming!  Take him to a holding cell, and strap him down!  He might have a tracking device on him, get a surgeon in here to remove it while he's out...