The Ship

(posted Wednesday, August 16, 2006)

To: All Comrades
From: Belladonna Aura
Subject: MMS Sanctuary

The CCCP has acquired 4/5 of a cargo container ship via a very advantageous arrangement with LlewellCo. In return for acting as the onsite security for their labs in the center of the ship, and the cleaning of a few minor hazmats, we have full use of the rest.

This would, for example, be a very good place to put labs where the comrades can experiment with things we would rather not have in the middle of King’s Row….for whatever reasons.

Should any of the comrades require a “safehouse” this is the safest of all, being anchored in international waters.

In the event of another siege of HQ, after taking appropriate measures, the comrades in HQ could retreat to the ship.

Please report to me for assignment of your Portal Keys.