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(posted Monday, August 21, 2006)

"Waitron," Bella said curiously, "would it be possible for you to configure yourself as a giant conductor?"

"What do you mean, Commissar?" Waitron replied mechanically?

"Well," Bella began, "would it be possible to configure your circuitry to absorb massive amounts of electrical current and immediately ground them away harmlessly."

"I would not recommend such an action, Commissar. Doing this would result in depowering all electrical devices and depleting the emergency generators upon activation. I would absorb and channel all electricity including those involving teleportation, medical stasis, illumination.."

"Thank you, Waitron," Bella interrupted. "How long would it take you to configure this?"

"I am unable to do it myself."

"What if Petrograd could help?"

"In that case, given Comrade Petrograd's mechanical proficiency, I would estimate it would take two hours, twenty-two minutes, and fifteen seconds."

"Excellent," Bella smiled as she spoke, "let's do it."


It was unsafe to take a commercial flight back to Paragon City. Even with her bio-scrambler operational, there would still be a chance of being recognized visually. Bejouled flew like an electric rocket toward King's Row with only one thing on her mind: She was going to do the job correctly this time. The medical witch, the Bear's Great Blue Lady, had evidently found a way to purge the toxins from Bear's system and revive him. This would be very easy; the frail old man would crumple before her fists again.

The air over the Row was still smoky and raw; Bejouled could tell her location by the industrial stench. She approached the tenement she formerly called home. She could see that the Bear's light was still lit. "I have caught the old fool at home, probably still watching reruns. Bah. This should be easy."

She crashed through the window at full speed. "Come out and play, Old Man!”

A young police officer got out of the recliner. His eyes were puffy and his reactions slow; he fell asleep on duty. Bejouled shot across the room and laid a hand on his chest, applying electrical pulses to his heart. “Where is the Old Man?” she purred menacingly.

“Uh, I don’t know what.. what you’re.. talking about,” the man stammered as electrical pulses tore through his tissues. “What.. Old...”

The man fell to the floor, his heart rended by the shocks. She knew the Bear had been there, however. Something was amiss, Bejouled peered around, using her aura to feel for discrepancies.

The fish was missing.

Even though dirty dishes were growing mold in the sink and the kitchen was the same as she had left it, the fish had disappeared. “The Old Fool has been here,” she thought venomously, “and now he is hiding like a coward at the CCCP base.”

Kicking the lifeless body of the policeman to assure that he would remain quiet, Bejouled flew back out the window, en route to the CCCP base.


It was three days and the Bear could not sleep, even though his body was crying for rest. The whirring generator that made him a perpetually vigilant hero was long gone, replaced with a lethargy engine and gears that needed rest, organs as a doctor would call them. He rubbed his eyes and yawned.

The base door opened and closed quickly. “Commissar Bella must be working late,” he thought.

It was then that he smelled ozone in the air and heard the light crackle of interference. “Comrade Shocker, is that you?” the Bear called out hesitantly, “Comrade Oktyaber?”

A very familiar silhouette floated into view, propelled by a magnetic field of her own doing. “Sveta,” the Bear said with a mix of relief and fear, “Is that you?”

Bejouled hovered into the light. “Old Fool, what has the Blue Lady done to you?”

“It is long story. What do you want, Sveta? Are you here to turn yourself in? Commissar Bella tells me that you are wanted for my murder. If you have been framed, Sveta, let me know and I shall help clear your name.” The Bear got out of his chair and cautiously approached his daughter. “I mean you no harm, Sveta, you are my daughter.”

Focusing all of her energy into her right hand, Bejouled approached the Bear. He opened his arms to embrace her and she landed a solid blow to his chest. The Soviet Bear flew through the air, crashing into some lockers. Bejouled spit in his direction. “Old Fool! I am not here to reconcile. I am here to finish the job Dr. Denisov designed me to do.”

The Bear tried to stand up and was met with a ball of static. Electrical pulses made his muscles pulsate and saliva flew from his mouth. Bejouled calmly walked over and punched him in the face, breaking his nose. Blood ran down his face like a mask. She grabbed him by the hair and hit him again, harder. She smiled. “I do not know whose body they transplanted your soul to, Old Man, but they should have chose a sturdier vessel.”

She picked him up and hurled him into a computer console. Glass and silicon ripped into his flesh as he tried to pry is way out. Bejouled hit him with another bolt of electricity. The Bear shuddered and urine began streaming down his leg. His chest burned and his hair melted from his body. She pulled him out of the wreckage by his shirt front and hit him again, in the throat.

The Bear gasped and flecks of blood sprayed from his nose and mouth. Bejouled released him, and as he fell, landed another blow to his back. The Soviet Bear fell to his knees. Bejouled hit him between the shoulder blades with a savage two-handed hit. The Bear felt three ribs snap and he began coughing blood into puddles on the floor. Bejouled knelt beside him. “Now, Old Fool,” she said almost soothingly, we end this like last time.”

She reached her hand behind her head and prepared to sever his brain stem again.

And the room went dark.

Bejouled brought her hand down on Bear’s neck with the average strength of a two-hundred pound woman. It would leave a bruise, but it would not kill him. Suddenly a bright light appeared, like a twenty-thousand watt Christmas tree. “Electricity drainage at one-hundred percent and stable, Commissar,” the voice of Waitron declared.

Bella stepped out of the shadows. “You! You blue freak, you will not protect this wretch any longer.” Bejouled reached into her belt pouch and pulled out a revolver. She pointed the gun at the Bear’s head. “Just try it, Blue Lady. These are special bullets, designed by Arachnos. They are filled with protein destabilizers. The Soviet Bear and yourself will be nothing but unidentifiable puddles of fluid.”

Suddenly, Bejouled’s hands began shaking. Her arms went limp and she became dizzy. She retched and vomited, falling to her knees. Her balance was destroyed. She fell into the puddle of her father’s blood and threw up again. The Bear was only three feet away; she grabbed a piece of glass from the destroyed computer console.

She began crawling toward the Bear, the glass, held like a dagger, dug into her palm and fingers. The feelings of nausea worsened until she could not crawl anymore, she simply curled into a ball, retching and wheezing. Her skin began to blister slightly.

Bella walked over and picked up the revolver. “The radiation sickness will subside in a minute. You honestly won’t feel a thing.”

She picked up Bejouled’s head by the hair and looked her in the eye. Bejouled was still filled with primal fury, even in her completely incapacitated state. “It would not be a crime,” Bella thought, “if I turned her into a puddle of proteins.” She looked at the gun in her hands. “Or I could simply direct a single burst of radiation into her brain.” She felt her pulse race and her breathing turn heavy.

Bejouled was a monster. She was a traitor and a murderer. If anyone deserved to die, it was her. And it was at this point that Bella slid the pistol toward Waitron. “I’m sorry, Bejouled. I think you should be destroyed, but it’s not my place to decide that. If Bear were conscious, it wouldn’t be his place either...”

Bejouled huffed heavily, blowing snot bubbles out of blistered nostrils.

“As a doctor, I should do no harm,” Bella continued. She laid Bejouled’s head back into the puddle of blood and vomit.

It was then that Bella had to say one of the most difficult things in her term as Commissar. She picked up her comm and said, “This is Commissar Belladonna Aura of the CCCP calling Zigursky Penitentiary. We have apprehended a criminal in our base, name: Bejouled.... That’s the one. Recommend immediate teleportation to insulated room.. Acute radiation poisoning... You too, good bye.”

Bejouled’s body faded from view, transported into the waiting arms of law enforcement. “Waitron,” Bella said calmly, Let’s turn on the lights and get Bear cleaned up.”

The base sprung back to life as the generators kicked on. “Completed Commissar. Should I give Comrade Bear another medical insertion? There is not one is this body.”

Bella laughed weakly. “Yes, Waitron. And we better do it before he wakes up.”