Gato: A Healthy Dose of Paranoia

From the Story Arc: Sketches of Spain

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(posted Wednesday, August 04, 2004)

First of, Mosca is officially inducted to Red Brigade - is good! His listing still does not appear on group roster, suspect this has to do with letting tourist take picture and submitting as official party headshot but will not worry about this. Is bigger fish to be frying!

I am hearing rumor in locker room (is strange - comrade Big Brother is telling me the room of lockers is something called, "co-ed," but perhaps this is from liberal American thinking. Even so there appears to be two of them with separate doors). Fat bastardo workers champion, who I have never actually laid eyes with, is wanting to put collar on Bestla. This is no good! Bestla does not like to be collared. Must work on plan to help Bestla if she is needing. Of course, not sure what good I can do for one so powerful.... but she is acting strangely and I fear from her. I am learning when big sweaty men have plans for you plans are normally disgusting.

Also worried about Comrade Moji. He is very kind to me when I first arrive. Lately he is acting sick like Bestla but different. He is having strange spines bursting over body - is good for killing enemies but am thinking is hurting him as well. He does not seem to be liking them much only I do not think it is gross like he is saying people will be thinking. So I am feeling bad for him and taking him plate of fried chicken - is not even decadent chicken from KFC but good stuff from local small proletariat business but still he will not eat even though is muttering he is hungry. Also tried to take plate to Bestla but could not find her in woods before stupido other heroes send many powerful baddies my way and am forced to flee so I can be fighting again sometime.

Is seeming everyone who is helping me when I first come here is getting sick. Will be watching comrades Red Menace and Kostyak for sneezing.

I walk streets tonight - will keep peeled for my hope to be friends and ask if all is well or all is poopy like seeming to be.

08/04/04, 17:31