Pancake Hostile

(posted Tuesday, August 29, 2006)

Found in the invoice pile...

To: 'Re-Bear'
From: Ted O'Donnell, Manager of the Pancake Hostel
RE: Your incident last night.

Re-Bear (If that's your real name),

Although we have been enjoying your patronage the last few weeks (it seems as if you've had everything on the menu twice), corporate is making me send you a bill of $413 for property damage and ban you from our Steel Canyon location.

Although we appreciate your gracious tips and seemingly hyperactive metabolism, the events of last night (Aug 28) have forced my hand in this. While our food scientists in Nebraska make an incredibly fine product, your reaction to the blueberry syrup crossed certain lines that management enforces.

Although blueberry syrup excites you (I believe you called it 'heavenly manna' before pouring it directly into your mouth), you must learn to control the protrusions that occur when you're excited. Your poisonous spines ruined the upholstery of the booth you were seated at and killed the plant behind you. Also, I needn't mention the senior citizens that were injured when some of your spines tore loose; many of them fell and were unable to get up.

Although Pancake Hostel makes an effort to provide a comfortable dining experience for humans and metahumans alike, actions that injure others (even in the rapturous consumption of syrup) are forbidden at Pancake Hostel.

-Ted O'Donnell, Manager

Feel free to eat at our Galaxy City and Talos Island Locations