Report To Red Menace re: Metamorphosis 4

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Wednesday, August 04, 2004)


Hate to rush you, but we're under the gun here...

1. The General's deadline is hangin' over us. You gotta make a call on this.

2. I ain't comfortable cagin' Moj here for too long. I'm not really sure he even recognizes me. Kind of a mixed bag, it's no secret we didn't get along, but my appearance can have certain... Consequences. I'm pretty sure that he's goin' to view me as one of his 'meals' pretty soon. I hate to see either of us get hurt in that fight, but somebody will. Let's get somebody on this that knows this stuff better than me.

3. Find Unt. I've got Bestla sick, Bear angry, 'List half-AWOL, a whole mess of new recruits and cast-offs from the purge & to top it off, The General ready to remove some of my favorite appendages. Plan and Fist are fairly low-key, hands-off kind of guys. I need help here. I need a Field Commander that the team knows and respects.

a. Who the hell is this Jaguar 7? If he's on my team I want to see his file, Boss. The complete one. I got too many problems right now to have a Wild-Card at my back. If he's one of The General's people, that's fine. None of my business. He sets foot on one of my squads, at that point I need to know who he is.

b. Get Bestla to see a doctor. She'll go if you tell her to... She's hurtin', Boss. She won't talk about it but it's obvious. Saviour was content to run her 'til she buckled. I'm not.

4. We need to find out if WC has tinkered with any of the others. My suggestion is physicals (If they're called 'routine', we may be able to allay suspicion, but I doubt it... We also have to keep WC from knowing... Unless you don't mind me getting' a guy I know to forge up a duplicate set). We need to see if we're in for any more surprises.

5. The base has been compromised. I don't know who and Moj is no help. It wasn't a pro job, so I doubt it's WC or his crew... I know it's not The Major because I wouldn't have known there was a break-in if it was him. It's not a mystic because the only ones that could get in here without setting of all kind of arcane red flags are You and Spectre and you both already know about the place. From the evidence, I would guess one of the mechs... No idea which one. Might be a problem. Just FYI.

6. We need to get The Metamorphosis Squad together and compare notes. We need to see what You, HB and reactor have found out so I don't keep barkin' up every tree my paranoid mind can find.