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From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Thursday, August 05, 2004)

Interrogation: Subject 49
Class: Red
Time: 2200 2 33 4432

Inside the dark room the air stood dry and still, in the middle of the room sat a lone figure on a cold iron chair. In front, a white projection floated emitting an eerie glow. There was a crackling buzz of a microphone, and a steel voice cut through the dead air. “Operation Falling Sky…Execution-success…Setup-success…Completion…failed.” There was a brief pause, and the word “failed” echoed harshly against the frozen walls.” We have a video you might want to see…” the man shifted uneasily in the chair, “Watch it.” The projection flickered and came to life.

Explosions peppered the sky as superheroes flew in and out of focus. It was the start of the Rikti invasion, and superheroes were not so super anymore. Dead ahead was a Rikti Carrier, showering the doomed streets below. “Jaguar 1 to Firefox 1, we should break here,” again another superhero dodged a barrage of lasers countering with bolts of lightning. “Firefox 1 to Jaguar 1, its getting hot here, let’s use the confusion to get closer, good luck and God speed.” Firefox and its eight man team flew off to the right and Jaguar team, to the left.

More explosions filled the air as more Rikti and superheroes fought to the death. “Jaguar team break formation and stay close, rendezvous at the mission point. Jaguar 7 and 8 cover the rear!” Most of the team flew ahead while the last two members loaded their weapons. Random voices broke in and out of the comm. “Behind you!...Thanks Number 3…Cover the left…Their swarming us…Keep it cool ladies and give 7 and 8 some cover fire till the get here…Jaguar 8 below you!” Number 8 was watching a Rikti Officer when he was tackled and dropped his gun. Instantly he pulled an energy dagger and blocked a fatal blow. “Christ, go on sir!” he darted back and forth dodging and thrusting, “I can handle this!” The captain cursed and shouted, “Blowing panels…Get inside everyone, and it’s going to get much tougher. Just before he dove in after his team, Jaguar 1 turned to see Number 8 dive, still melee fighting the Rikti alien.
The team sprinted down the strange corridor, with a feeling of dread. Over the radio someone’s broken voice could be heard, “kzzzzsht...ell is that thi…size of its…kzzzsht…Right, Move it out boys…” Jaguar 1 tapped his comm. piece but couldn’t reach Firefox team again. They all continued down the corridor until they reached a sealed entrance. Jaguar 3 knelt down and opened some sort of hole next to the door; he whistled and got to work. Footsteps approached from behind, and the captain waved his hands raising and lowering different fingers. One soldier ran back and began setting up a trip mine; another, layered the ground with caltrops. The sealed door opened and they moved out. The team ran until they reached another door, just as Number 3 got to work again, they heard an explosion from behind. Jaguar 4 knelt to set up another charge, but just as he stuck it to the wall, a green bolt of energy struck his left arm skidding him across the wall.

Immediately the rest of the team fired back; spent shells hitting the ground, and bullets ricocheting off the walls. The door finally opened and the captain waved the team in. Jaguar 6 ran back and picked up his fallen comrade, but before he could reach the door, it shut. The captain pounded on the door but it was no use. Number 3 was already at work again trying to open it, but the new security code was taking to long to break. On the other side of the door, Number 6 was yelling, “Go on sir, we’ll hold them off! You need to take down this ship!” Before the captain could lash back on their stupidity, their communications went dead. All he could hear was their taunting and gunfire.

Firefox broke in through the radio, “This is Firefox 3, we’ve taken some casualties Jaguar team, but what’s left of our squad we’ll meet you in the control room! Firefox 3 out!” the captain turned and ran, “Roger that Firefox team, we’re almost there.” But when they got there, what was left of Firefox team was dead.

There was a gunshot and a groan, followed by a falling body. More shots followed in quick succession, until two people were left standing. Jaguar 1 turned and cursed. “You cheating back-stabbing traitor!" Another shot tore through the air dropping the captain to all fours. But the captain wasn’t finished yet; he picked himself up to one knee and coughed some blood onto the floor, “…well guess what?” The captain began chocking and laughing as he pulled a detonator from his belt. It was already timed and there was no way to stop it. “I’m sorry it had to come to this Jaguar 7…” The camera panicked shifting from left to right, the captain’s voice still laughing in the back. 3…2…1…there was a loud crackle and the video cut out. The cold steel voice continued, “The carrier was destroyed, but as far as we could tell there was one survivor."

"What happened out there Jaguar 7?"


Cyriss McCloud, codename-Jaguar 7, is a dangerous man wanted for the killings over several individuals years ago. He is armed and extremely dangerous. He has been labeled a terrorist and must be turned over to proper authorities. If you have any information about this man, again, contact the Paragon Police Department in King's Row.