Gone to Flesh

From the Story Arc: In the Service of the Revolutionary Tradition

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(posted Sunday, October 08, 2006)

"Pathetic..." Communard waved a hand at Untermensch in disgust. "Comrade, I do not want to see any more of these files." Unstermensch smiled, "But comrade, these are the official health reports from Commissar Belladonna. What would you do with them?"

Communard picked up a photograph and waved it at Untermensch. "Look at this! They have
gone soft!" The photo, from the front page of the Paragon Times, showed Chug surrounded by school children. Chug was holding a fifty-five gallon drum labeled "custard" and pooring the contents into a trough. Communard threw the photo aside and snatched another one. It showed Blaze Phoenyx at a charity event with Seraphic Flame in Atlas Park. "An informat gave this to me. It is from the counter-revolutionary publication In-Style." Untermensch looked at the photo and shrugged.
Communard stood up and paced the dim hallway. "Let me be blunt, our comrades have gone to flesh."

Untermensch gave a non-committal nod. "What do you recommend?" Communard waved a hand like he was swatting a fly. "Nasal-neural shunts for the lot of them." He stopped and looked at Untermensch. "Of course, comrade Belladonna would never approve." Communard cracked his knuckles. I have another idea. I think a compulsory strike force mission to the Rikti Crash site may be in order." "Genau!" exclaimed Untermensch. "We will speak no more of this for the moment, comrade. I must be off to attend to a compelling engagment. "Farewell Communard," Untermensch gave a crisp salute.


Page 7, Paragon Times, Communard awards science prize to Katie Gavinski, 8th grade, King's Row middle school #6.