Mosca and Gato discuss office rumors

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(posted Thursday, August 05, 2004)

Phone Log 08/05/04 15:45


Gato: Hola.

Mosca: Greetings sweetling. I thought you were to be patrolling last night.

Gato: Si, but after I am returning from English language classes stupido toilet is flooding low rent apartment and I must be mucking out kitchen. Where you working the streets?

Mosca: Si, for awhile I am teaming with pig dogs - they were very nice for pig dogs I must be saying - even giving me advise on how to best use inferior capitalist blasting weapons. After I am hunting and training on streets. I am getting better at understanding criminal swine as well - last night I am even dodging black clouds spewing from zombie masters and their miniony crossbow bolts!

Gato: ¡Hermano muy bueno! Are you by any chance running over Kostyak?

Mosca: I am talking to him briefling for training purposes, ¿por qué?

Gato: Am hearing the rumores office and concerned for his health - is he sneezing during training purposes?

Mosca: No. But in speaking of, is strange group we have joined sister.

Gato: I am thinking so as well, but what are you meaning?

Mosca: When being inducted by Comrade General Blade I am hearing her talking to some Jaguar man wearing funning helmet - not like a jaguar at all.

Gato: Si?

Mosca: Si - is not my fault I am hearing - she is standing not far away, but she is giving speech to him which is ending with he will serve only her and being bodyguard. Why would brave comrade general need bodyguard I am thinking? Also, why to serve only her or she will flay him like jerky Americans are so fond of? Granted, I would not be minding serving the People's Blade myself <dirty chuckle>, but is not point to serve all People's? And is not the general reporting to CCCP authorities anymore?

Gato: Ahhhh.... I am not knowing brother, but is seeming strange. Perhaps is having to do with new directives from Moscow fat sweaty man Worker's Champion?

Mosca: I am not knowing, but is seeming very..... I do not know. But when People's Blade is seeing me standing there she is very upset and threatens to jerky me as well for dropping eaves. Of course if I am not to be hearing, I hear nothing and tell her in so many words but still she is not happy. Do not be telling this to anyone sister - is could be no good, the blade is sharp and not just hat is pointy.

Gato: I will be saying nothing brother, but I think we should be keeping careful eyes out all over the place, si?

Mosca: Si

Gato: I will be working streets tonight - are you joining?

Mosca: Ah, no sister I think not. Man next do is offering me several old copies of magazine, something called, "Maximum," I'm thinking - says will help me with English <mutter under breath> and in understanding these American womens </mutter>.

Gato: ¿Qué usted dijo?

Mosca: Ah, is nothing. I will be seeing you tomorrow perhaps?

Gato: Si, hasta entonces.

Mosca: Adiós hermana.