Prologue: Forbidden Tomes

From the Story Arc: Time in a Bottle

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(posted Monday, October 30, 2006)

October, 2006
Location: New Moscow

Grigory knew there were great risks in trying to recreate his father's time machine. He had heard the stories of the gruesome deaths that occurred before the device had been perfected. However, Grigory knew he had no choice. The world was falling apart. The Atom War had ruined most of the surface of the planet. The only people remaining lived underground. The sun was nothing more than a distant memory. He remembered his father's story, when he told Grigory that he was never to try and rediscover time travel. His father had destroyed the machine with his own hands, along with most of
the research, except for one book.

"Grigory, my son. I went back in time. History as you know it is not as it should be. I stopped one war, but I couldn't have known this would happen. World War II they called it. It came after the Great War. Germany again became the ruler of the world. So many died. I went back and stopped it. One man. That is all
I needed to kill, and the entire world turned upside down. Comrade Stalin, he was not to stand in command of all Europe. The atomic bombs, they weren't supposed to be used... not like this. I thought the world would be a better place. Grisha, to travel in time is to take the place of God, something we
should not, no, cannot do."

Grigory knew all this, but still he continued. "After all," he says to the few involved in his secret
project, "is not the son to surpass his father?"

Working without sleep, without food for days on end, filling reams of papers with complex formulas, Girgory Tesla rebuilds the theories, the theories of energy and gravity that allowed his father to travel the rivers of time. It was dangerous work, with volatile materials, to build the device. Grigory would allow only himself, using the armored suit he built, based off of another of his father's designs.
Finally the day came. Grigory strapped himself in. A timer ticked down. A blinding light, even
through a solid steel mask. And then, darkness.