Intercepted Incoming Transmission

From the Story Arc: Reports to Moscow

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(posted Friday, August 06, 2004)

Comrade Sergei,

     Your last message distubes my much.  Purges?  Disecting Young Champion?  Mad orders from Mosow?  Must tell you now of death of the 1st ICBM, Viktor Schmirnoff.  Viktor was nyet like you, my young hot headed comrade, was old and stuborn.  Moscow sends ICBM to Afghanistan, team lead there was Workers Champion.  The night before Viktor is assassinated, he has big argumant with Worker.  I am in next room and hears much of it.  Champion want plans to ICBM armor, wants to break SALT II treaty and makes a army of ICBMs.  Viktor refuses, and slams door as he walks out.  Last words I hearink him saying was "over my dead body!"

     Next day Viktor is dead and armor is destroyed.  Workers Champion conducts the investigation, declares CIA behind attack.  Officail reports also saying that no one knows when Viktor installs "dead mans switch" to armor, or why.

    When you finds ICBM armor, I sends you to Paragon city, hopes Workers Champion has forgotten his old plans.  I am too old to helps you now Comrade, but carful you must be.

 On a good note, ams glad to hear your landinks have gotten better!

       Your Comrade and Mentor

                                General Winter