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((originally posted by Grim Gambol in RPC Forums))

Murdock Slayings in Rogue Isles Remain Unchecked!


Cap au Diable -- The children of the Rogue Isles did not see mercy on All Hallow's Eve this year, as two more youths were abducted late October 31 or early November 1.

Their clothing and personal effects were discovered today, with signs of extreme violence present on them. Rogue Isles Police remain tight lipped on the incident, but it is not believed that they have any leads.

Daniel and Hannah Murdock--brother and sister--were the fourth and fifth children with the last name of Murdock to disappear in Cap au Diable. Hannah is the first girl to be claimed by what the Rogue Isles chief of police has refered to as, "a dangerous and violent serial killer."

Late this afternoon, another child was...
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...reported missing: Gregory Murdock, age 11. Gregory was kidnapped on his way home from school, while walking with an unnamed friend from his class. Reliable sources in the Cap au Diable Hospital pediatric ward state that the other child was brought in sobbing and incoherent, with several broken ribs and a shattered collarbone. Attempts to question the boy about what he witnissed all ended in failure, with the young man shaking uncontrollably and eventually requiring a sedative to prevent further injuries.

Arachnos authorities remain silent on this matter, supposedly refusing the R.I.P.'s request for a psychic probe on the witness to help locate information. Our Lord Recluse' judgement is beyond question, but it does beg the question: are these atrocities being performed by one of the "Destined Ones" freed from Paragon City's infamous prison, the "Zig"?

Murdock Serial Killings Continue!


Cap au Diable -- Tragedy stuck the Rogue Isles again early this afternoon, as the Murdock murders raged on. The culprit managed to break into the hospital in Cap au Diable and finish off the sole witness to the most recent Murdock kidnapping. The child's lifeless body was first found by a nurse, who apparently stumbled in on the murderer and was also killed in the process. No sign of the person responsible was found at the scene, as was the case with all of the other murders perpetrated by the Murdock murderer.

Gregory, the boy abducted yesterday, has not been found. However, his mother discovered his backpack on the stoop of her home this morning. The satchel reportedly contained a "grisly trophy." Police have been unable to identify whether or not the contents of the bag are from Gregory's body or the body of one of the previous victims, whose corpses were never recovered.

R.I.P. Make Arrest in Connection to Murdock Killings!


Cap au Diable -- Shortly after dark this evening, R.I.P. SWAT, with the assistance of a Wolf Spider strike team, stormed the seafront loft of Jerry "Crank" Ericson. In his home was discovered the twisted, broken remains of Gregory Murdock and a map of Cap au Diable showing the locations of the other abductions, which R.I.P. detectives had withheld from the public.

An anonymous tip was left in a phone booth near Cap au Diable R.I.P. headquarters, implicating Ericson in the recent crime spree. The tipster dialed 911, alerting police, and then left the area. The chief of police had this to say to the anonymous informant:

"On behalf of the Rogue Isles Police and the people of Cap au Diable, I offer my sincere thanks to whoever was brave enough to help us solve these violent murders. We would like you and everyone to know that no charges will be filed for the 911 call you made. You are a hero in a land short on their number."

Ericson's trial is scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon and based on commentary from the Arachnos press representative, he will be found guilty and executed tomorrow evening. Our Lord Recluse' justice is swift and infallible.

Ericson Pleads Innocence in Murdock Crime Spree


Thanks to an inside source, we now have a transcript of Ericson's interrogation. The craven monster claims innocence in the matter, even going so far as to try to blame the incident on supernatural forces:

(R.I.P.) "If you didn't kill the boy, how did his body end up in your house? How do you explain having the map showing the sites of all 6 kidnappings?"

(Ericson) "Look, I don't know why I'm being set up, but it was a ghost or something! I woke up just before you arrived and saw that thing dropping the dead kid on my floor."

(R.I.P.) "What exactly did this 'ghost or something' look like?"

(Ericson) "I didn't get a good look at it, but what I saw I'll carry to my grave. There was a cloud of black smoke with a skeleton inside it... It was dancing..."

(R.I.P.) "I've got good news for you. You won't be carrying that for long. Your execution is scheduled for tomorrow."

(Ericson) "No! YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME! It was the dancing ghost!"

The Arachnos press representative assured the public that an insanity defense would not be considered at Ericson's trial tomorrow afternoon.

Our inside source was also able to obtain for us a copy of the fateful note left for the R.I.P.:

[Printed at the bottom of the article is a black and white picture of a note with atrocious penmanship.]
"yall cops aught ta be lookin at that there ericson guy over by the docks. he lives in the olde wearhouse with the wite balkunees. he done killed them kids yall are lookin for."
[The note is signed with a crudely drawn, grinning skull.]