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(posted Saturday, November 04, 2006)

((Originally posted by DoctorInju on RPC Forums))

Ericson Found Guilty


Cap au Diable -- At 1 P.M. this afternoon, Jerry "Crank" Ericson was brought before the Arachnos tribunal formed to sit in judgment over him in the matter of the recent serial killings in Cap au Diable. His trial was a simple, straightforward affair, a testament to the efficiency of Arachnos' system of justice.

The arbiters heard testimony from R.I.P. forensic experts, detectives, and the chief of police, all resolutely proclaiming Ericson's guilt. Throughout the trial, Ericson maintained his ridiculous tale of a ghostly culprit framing him, claiming his innocence. No eyewitnesses of the crimes were located, but the arbiters were still able to render a unanimous verdict. Ericson was pronounced guilty of the crimes at 2:14 P.M.

The sentencing brought yet another twist in this whole, sordid affair as it was brought to the attention of the tribunal that Ericson had apparently spirited away three more Murdock children just before his capture. Michael and Beverly Murdock were discovered murdered this morning. A concerned neighbor was alerted by the barking of their dog and investigated the Murdock's home. Their three children, Aaron (age 12), Kimberly (age 10), and Michael Jr. (age 14 months) were not present in the home, but signs of violence were present in the children's rooms. Ericson was pronounced guilty of two additional counts of murder and 3 counts of kidnapping by the arbiters, upon hearing of his previously undiscovered crimes. The arbiters promised to show Ericson mercy if he were to disclose the location of the missing children, but he claimed ignorance in the matter, again blaming the entire affair on the dancing ghost.

The arbiters were visibly displeased by Ericson's refusal to provide the location of the children and sentenced him to death. His execution is scheduled for 6 P.M. tonight. Praise Lord Recluse for saving us from this monster.

Longbow Assault Execution!


Cap au Diable -- At 5:35 P.M. this evening, the Arachnos prison shuttle left the R.I.P. detention center, carrying Jerry "Crank" Ericson to the site of his execution. At 5:42 P.M., a Longbow strike team attacked the vehicle, incapacitating the Arachnos troops on board and absconding with the convict.

Witnesses on the scene described a well-organized attack: aerial attack vehicles disabled the shuttle, allowing Longbow ground troops to enter and pacify it. Ericson was alive when he was carried off by Longbow eagles. A small group of Longbow remained behind to deter pursuit.

Arachnos troops soon arrived and dealt with the remaining Longbow troops at the scene of the attack, but did not arrive in time to immediately recover Ericson. Arachnos computer technicians compromised the security system on one of the downed fliers, allowing them to locate the Longbow escape vessel.

Upon arriving at the ship, which was moored here in Cap au Diable, Arachnos were amazed to find that the Longbow were already dealt with. Ericson was manually dragging himself away from the vessel when the Wolf Spiders arrived. His legs had apparently been broken in the escape attempt, although eyewitness testimonials from the scene of the breakout contradict this theory. Upon being recaptured, Ericson reportedly sobbed uncontrollably and told authorities that the "dancing ghost" had killed the Longbow and broken his legs.

At 8:35 P.M., he was successfully delivered to the site of his execution and was terminated at 9:00 P.M. He was given one last chance to spare his own life by divulging the location of the three missing children, but he continued to claim his own innocence to his last breath.