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The Creation of Nikita Khrushchev

Alexei Mikhailovich


Expertise: Genetic Alteration

Current work: Classified Decommissioned

He was a Russian army medic who became involved in military research programmes when his genius was discovered. He was involved in the Soviet super-solder programme. After a while his methods and goals began to worry even his superiors, and he was recruited by a highly secret branch of the government. They sent him on a 'sabbatical' of medical charity work with the UN in Africa, allegedly as a punishment. Unfortunately he just saw the people there as experimental subjects and continued his work, this time with no supervision from above. By the time he was discovered he was deeply into his monster-making and mutilating work. He was instantly sacked and sent back to Russia under arrest. Despite his government connections he was disgraced, fired, and struck off.

It was shortly after this that he was approached and recruited by (Vasilli). Since then he has worked his way up in the hierarchy to the point that he is now in charge of their domination of crime, first in Moscow, then in all of the former Soviet Union... He uses the alias of Dr Stregoi and his work for the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation to find suitable subjects for his monster-making experiments. He is a good strategist, but not a good tactician; he has a second in command to do that, a former Spetznatz Colonel.

Soviet Fire

Soviet Fire is handsome but harsh featured, with swarthy skin and dark eyes. He wears black suits, with 2 pistols in shoulder holsters plus knives and holdout weapons etc. concealed about his person.

He was a nasty Chechen criminal who was captured by the Soviet authorities and imprisoned in a Gulag, where he was the subject of medical experiments as part of (a) Soviet super-soldier programme. He did get powers (a super-athletic physique and became very fast and strong), but was kept imprisoned until the confusion of the break-up of the USSR, when he escaped and made his way back to Chechnya.

He worked as part of the revolution/secession movement there. For Russia's treatment of his country, and of him, he wants revenge. He has a number of contacts in the Russian Mafia, particularly the Chechen-run parts of it, which helps the villains when they are operating in Moscow. He speaks Chechen as a native, and fluent but accented Russian.

Cold War

Description: Russian soldier and former KGB agent whom the Soviet government assigned to serve them as the new super soldier wearing the battle armor invented by Anton Vanko. Cold War served the Soviets loyally for years, both alone and as a member of the Soviet Super-Soldiers (who expelled him after they renounced the Soviet government) and the People's Protectorate. The military later confiscated the armor after a disastrous mission compromised his reputation, but the People's Protectorate retained Cold War as a member and outfitted him with a new suit of high-tech battle armor, giving him the new code-name Khrushchev.

Present Day

The stairs crumbled under his feet as he arduously walked up the spiraling stair case of the oldest church in Moscow. His sheer weight and size made even stone seem brittle. He was an impressive 8 foot 4 inches tall and weighed over 450 pounds. Most of the weight came in the form of a metal endoskeleton and armor that covered his entire body.

A load thud sounded as he dropped the massive metal case onto the top of the Bell tower floor. It was a 6 foot long steel case all in black with a red Star adorned in the center surround by writings that were of some cult nature. Removing the 4 locks one by one he assembled weapon that only someone of his stature could handle. It had every type of attachment, a grenade launcher, flame thrower, Burst Rifle and sniper his favorite. He fitted on the final piece, the scope and aimed to the city streets below.

“Where are you?” He murmured under his breath while searching the grounds until he came upon a center courtyard.

“There you are... Blade, ahh I see you have company” Red Saviour was standing right next to her. “Two for the price of one”

“I have you in my sights; you won’t know what hit you. But the last thing you will see will be parts of your head flying past your eyes.”

His finger touched the trigger and the laser targeting drone confirmed its target, even at 1 mile distance he could kill a fly.

“Good bye Comrade” (Khrushchev)

“Not now Khrushchev! we must wait.” (Vasilli)

A startled Khrushchev released his hand and dropped his weapon.

“Ahh Vassilli I did not …. My apologies…” he bowed and crouched on one knee…”My master”

“Now is not the time” (Vasilli)

“Soon…my friend.” (Vasilli)

Khrushchev stared out the window of the old church tower. “You do not know how lucky you were," he thought.

I need you to recover a scroll for me Khrushchev; it is deep in the sewers of paragon City.

“What? Why must I venture there?” angered Khrushchev

“Silence! This scroll is the first of three spells I need for my return, a return from a hell that I have been living in” (Vasilli)

“You promised that you would help me” (Khrushchev)

“In time.” (Vassili)

“Time is exactly my problem, I have waited long enough and for years she has gone un-punished” He grabbed at his face and felt the metal that covered all but his eyes for his disfigurement was too much for even him to bear. “My pain” (Khrushchev)

“I will retrieve your scroll... but I will not wait much longer” (Khrushchev)

He turned quickly and clenched his fists a blue haze came over his body and he was gone. A newly installed cloaking device made him nearly invisible to the naked eye.

He walked to the window sill and leaped out over 200 ft to the ground below.