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(posted Tuesday, November 07, 2006)

Copycat Kidnapper Strikes in Cap!


Cap au Diable -- Much to the horror of the citizens of Cap au Diable, a new fiend has taken up the late Ericson's obsession with those possessed of the name Murdock. Over the last 24 hours, a series of kidnappings and murders have taken place all across the island, ending the lives of 5 people and the freedom of 4 Murdock children. No eyewitnesses to any of the crimes have been found and the R.I.P. are urging citizens with any information to come forward.

Maria Murdock was the first victim discovered. Her body was found floating near the lumber yard, her son Clint (age 7) nowhere to be found. Hours later, the bodies of Peter, Tony, Bethany, and Rachel Murdock were discovered in their automobiles. The cars had been pushed or driven into a vacant garage. The car seats of Tony and Rachel's sons, Frank (age 9) and William (age 5), were empty. Peter and Bethany's daughter, Camille (age 13), was also missing from the scene.

With 7 Murdock children missing and numerous deaths associated with the kidnappings, tensions are running extremely high here in Cap au Diable. Arachnos troops are moving to maintain order on the island and R.I.P. officers have set up round the clock surveillance on the remaining Murdock families. The kidnapper has not yet issued any form of ransom note, but the R.I.P. hold hope that the copycat does not intend to murder his captives, as Ericson did.