Intelligence Report 29901-R

From the Story Arc: Time in a Bottle

Previous Story in the Arc: Strange World, Same Place by Tesla's Revenge (Monday, November 06, 2006)

(posted Tuesday, November 07, 2006)

Captain Sun Kai:

Your request for military intelligence research and analysis has been approved by order of CPC Central Military Commission.

Second Department comparison and analysis of included DNA sample resulted in positive match between inquiry subject "Grigory Tesla" and Nikola Tesla. Third Department research has found no relating records in signals datamine to substantiate those links or the previous existence of inquiry subject. HUMINT efforts by Second Department have uncovered similar birth and education records of KGB officer "Grigory Testov", attached to Special Experiments section. Further documentation was unavailable, either destroyed or classified by Russian Federation Foreign Intelligence Service.

Copies of all related documents are to be transferred to your possession via Paragon City PRC Consulate.

Major Yang Wei
People's Liberation Army, Headquarters of the General Staff
Military Intelligence, Second Department