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(posted Tuesday, November 21, 2006)

((Posted by DoctorInju on RPC Forums))

Seven Murdock Children Recovered Alive!


Port Oakes -- Several days ago, Aaron, Kimberly, Michael, Clint, Frank, and William Murdock were discovered asleep outside the VG Registrar in Port Oakes. The youths were recovered by Arachnos personnel and were held for questioning for an undisclosed number of days. This morning, the Arachnos press representative delivered the happy news that apart from a bit of malnourishment, the children were unharmed during their ordeal and would be returned to their closest relatives.

However, a leaked synopsis of the interrogation paints a different picture of their captivity. Although they were not injured by their kidnapper, whom they all referred to as the "Bogeyman," the children were subjected to horrors best left undescribed. The report ends with a suggestion that a Fortunata be employed to erase the childrens' memories of the events, due to a potential "security problem."

After a trip to Marcone's Little Italy for a meal on Arachnos, the children were returned to their relatives. The only exception was Clint Murdock, whose only living relative was his mother, who was murdered by the kidnapper. Noted philanthropist and champion of the downtrodden Westin Phipps has volunteered to take the child in at Haven House, his group home in Grandville. Clint will remain under Phipps' devoted care until a suitable foster family can be found for him.

Back in Cap au Diable, a candlelight vigil has been scheduled for tonight. Community leaders have arranged the vigil on behalf of the three children who remain missing: Kenneth, Chad, and Tuesday.