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(posted Tuesday, November 21, 2006)

((Originally posted on RPC Forums by DoctorInju))

Murdock Children Alive and Well


Cap au Diable -- It would seem that even in the Rogue Isles, hope is not always futile. Kenneth, Chad, and Tuesday Murdock were discovered, drugged and asleep, outside of an Arachnos installation here in Cap au Diable late last night, shortly after the candlelight vigil ended. Authorities are currently detaining the children for questioning about their ordeal, but the Arachnos press representative assured the community that their children would be returned to them shortly.

The details of Kenneth, Chad, and Tuesday's kidnappings differ significantly from those of the numerous other children. The kidnapper avoided the use of lethal force and the parents were left feeling that their children were safe. Many speculate, as a result, that these three children were perhaps taken by a different person, to ensure their safety (a goal one cannot argue with, given that the children were kidnapped, anyway). Our efforts to obtain any details of the interrogation of the children have been met with obstinate silence. Arachnos agents are remaining unusually tight-lipped on the matter, leading us to wonder: who kidnapped these children?

We are left with questions unanswered and emotional wounds that may never heal, but with the return of all of the Murdock children and no new kidnappings, the people of Cap au Diable can breathe a cautious sigh of relief.