What's the REAL truth comrade?

From the Story Arc: A Lust for Vengence

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(posted Monday, August 09, 2004)

Immediately the rest of the team fired back; spent shells hitting the ground, and bullets ricocheting off the walls. The door finally opened and the captain waved the team in. Jaguar 6 ran back and picked up his fallen comrade, but before he could reach the door, it shut. The captain pounded on the door but it was no use. Number 3 was already at work again trying to open it, but the new security code was taking to long to break. On the other side of the door, Number 6 was yelling, “Go on sir, we’ll hold them off! You need to take down this ship!” Before the captain could lash back on their stupidity, their communications went dead. All he could hear was their taunting and gunfire.

Firefox broke in through the radio, “This is Firefox 3, we’ve taken some casualties Jaguar team, but what’s left of our squad we’ll meet you in the control room! Firefox 3 out!” the captain turned and ran, “Roger that Firefox team, we’re almost there.” He heard gunshots ahead, and contacted Firefox 3 again, but all he heard was “…mnit sir…zzzzssht…is here! Of all the people!” the captain shouted into the radio, while the gunfire and screams intensified up ahead, “Say again Firefox team, over…Firefox team come in!” But there was only static. “Double time people, GO!” They reached the room and found a horrific scene; not the bodies of Rikti, but someone else littered the room. Jaguar team spread out in silence and Number 7 ran toward a body in the corner of the room. Jaguar Leader groaned with sorrow, “I can’t believe she would do this…” “Sir,” Jaguar 5 began, “these soldiers, belong to-”

There was a gunshot and a groan, followed by a falling body. More shots followed in quick succession, until two people were left standing. Jaguar 1 turned and cursed. “So it was you…how much did they pay you? Another shot tore through the air dropping the captain to all fours. But the captain wasn’t finished yet; he picked himself up to one knee and laughed. “So you’re after the Rikti technology…” he coughed some blood onto the floor, “…well guess what?” The captain began chocking and laughing as he pulled a detonator from his belt. It was already timed and there was no way to stop it. “I’m sorry it had to come to this Jaguar 7…” The camera panicked shifting from left to right, the captain’s voice still laughing in the back. 3…2…1…there was a loud crackle and the video cut out. The cold steel voice continued, “The carrier was destroyed, but as far as we could tell there was one survivor. We found you wandering with amnesia…so now you remember what happened. Did anyone else survive…not going to talk are you. It seems I’ve wasted my time here. There was a rustle of footsteps and the door opened. Two guards stepped in, guns upholstered and loaded.

That's the end of the movie comrade, but there is being confusion in my mind. There is a few differences, but many things do not make sense....the bodies, your so called Firefox team, and you still is looking like the enemy in my mind. And if that was you in the chair, how did you escape alive?