Technical 'Advisor'

(posted Wednesday, November 22, 2006)



SUBJECT: Notification of Assembly and Distribution of Equipment and Assets for Technical Support of Non-CCCP Personnel

MEMO: At 0400, 11/6/2006 I am expecting arrival of South American Freighter, Adoncia, to dock alongside MMS Sanctuary. Several containers will be unloaded to our facilities. The contents of these containers are for educational training of non-CCCP personel. Over a period of 30 days, we will expect small groups of non-CCCP personnel to arrive on the MMS Sanctuary. They will be undergoing technical, and logistical planning exercises under my guidance. These sessions are not to be disturbed, or observed, by any non-authorized CCCP member.

Our visitors are under strict orders only to access the field instruction facility that I will have assembled on the ship. If any non-CCCP members are observed outside these areas, I expect immediate report of such activity to the commissars.

Commissar Untermensch