Up the Ladder

(posted Saturday, December 02, 2006)

To: All Comrades
From: Commissar Belladonna Aura
Subject: Promotions

The following have been promoted to officer status. Comrade ReBear, taking up the position his predecessor held. Comrades Zakat and Zarya, now in charge of special projects.

Assignments: Comrade ReBear is now the officer in charge of confiscating office supplies from designated enemy groups. Comrade Zarya is the officer in charge of supervising all of ReBear's activities; all inquiries, calls, or contacts concerning ReBear's activities are to be routed to her. Comrade Zakat is now the officer in charge of all accounting of salvage. All questions of salvage accounting and the paperwork involving salvage are to be sent directly to him.

Yours in service

Belladonna Aura

Bella finally stopped laughing hysterically.

Poor Zarya. She cackled.

And as for Zakat....he had no idea. It wasn't just that Freedom Corps wanted the least little bolt and nut accounted for. It was the ongoing tracking that was driving her insane. It was worse than the Soviet system. Every bit had to have its provenance and paper trail. Every week Freedom Corps wanted an update. Did they still have a piece in storage? Had it been traded? To whom? For what? Had it been used to make something? If so, had that component been assembled into a permanent installation? Had it been used as an expendable? If the former, what was the isntallation? If the latter, who had created and used the expendable and when? If neither, where was the component being stored?

He wants to write a computer program, huh? More power to him. This was not the sort of thing that Josh, aka "Captain Hackatron", enjoyed doing, so he hadn't done it, and Bella's expertise with computers did not extend to coding.

She watched with glee as Waitron patiently carried the stacks of forms to Zakat's desk until the surface was covered a foot deep with them. She smiled as the PDA tracker began registering unanswered calls to Zarya's unit.

With a sigh of utter content, she tidied her desk, finshed her reports to Moscow and Saviour, and headed out the door for her turn at Chiron Hospital's Hero ER unit. Four hours in the ER and then, for the first time in months, home ontime to meet Zach's plane.