Extended Leave of Absense

(posted Monday, December 04, 2006)

"Are you insane?" Belladonna emphatically threw her arms up and paced the cramped commissar's office aboard the MMS Sanctuary. "How could you be training men here on the ship? And without telling the rest of the Commissars? People will think were are some sort of terrorist training camp!"

"Nyet," snorted Untermensch. He leaned back in an old office chain and stretched his legs out carelessly on the desk in front of him. "Many old contacts from KGB in SVR now. They have helped in keeping things quiet from American Intelligence. These men being trained for guerilla operations are well kept secret"

"God, Georgi. How could you do this?"

"Is simple." Untermensh's face clouded. "Am sick of sitting around playing hero, while comrades suffering in world. CCCP is puppet to..."

"Don't you dare," Belladonna cut him off. "Don't you dare start with that Stalinist propaganda." She leaned over the desk and gave him a fierce stare. "We have done much for the people of Paragon. We've suffered and had friends and our members die for this city. That was the role of CCCP when Red Savior was here, and the role we have now. To hold a shining example to the people of this country the benefits of a collective society."

"Da..." Untermensch spat, "while officers play ass grab with politicians in Washington. We set shining example."

"I think," Belladonna stood back, slender arms crossed, and her gentle brow now furrowed with anger. "We might want to continue this some other time before we both say things we are going to regret."

"Is no need." Untermensch leapt from his chair, opened a lower drawer from the desk, and tossed her a file folder.

Belladonna carefully opened the file and skimmed through the pages. "You can't do this, Georgi."

"Da, And am doing."

"An extended leave of absence?" She looked up from the pages in the file. "To conduct field operations in Central America? Don't drag CCCP down with you while you conduct your private little wars."

"Is point of leaving, comrade." Untermensch sneered and pulled out the last page in the folder, slowly waving it in front of Belladonna's face. "Is signed document. To send to Hero Corps. and hero registry of Paragon. Am resigning as officer and leaving CCCP. What I do then is not part of CCCP business then, da?"

"Georgi," She gently took the paper from his hand. "I know we butt heads at times. I know at times you think CCCP has gotten too friendly with American politics." She gave a small smirk, "But we need your help when Russia is clamoring for us to do something." Belladonna let her arms down carefully holding the file folder in both her hands. Her shoulders sagged a little. "You knew that came with being a commissar. I understand the desire to just be out there helping people, but part of being an officer meant being involved in politics."

"Is mind nyet changing." Untermensch left out a long sigh. "I think CCCP does good things. I understand need to work with American government."

Belladonna raised an eyebrow.

"Da! Da!" Untermensh threw his hands up. "I know things need changing in how CCCP fits in with America. We have many helping other groups and CCCP needs to find role in new direction. Including important work of comrade, Zach."

He perched himself on the desk and curled his fists. "But I sick of being here. Working for capitalist dogs. Portal Corporation makes millions with technology. But open rifts in dimensions and then asking heroes for help. Is stopping militant groups, only to help out decadent companies from being afflicted by them. The wealthy gain much for the workers of this city. And then have us heroes clean up mess they make after them."

Untermensch looked up at Belladonna. "Fidel is in poor health and what happens then in Cuba? Others in this part of world needing assistance before being swallowed up by influence of global corporations. Change is coming and I help to be sure collective ideal not trampled on. I cannot do that here. And things may be too hot for CCCP to be part of."

"So," he stood up and put his hands authoratively on hips. "Am clearing out equipment of ship by 0700 tomorrow. Am moving field operations to undisclosed location. If needing to contact me. Have lists of people to speak with in SVR and GRU. They knowing what I will be up to and can find me if you are needing."

"So that is it then." Belladonna looked at Untermensch. "You are off to fight your private crusade?"

"Da." Untermensh extended his hand.

"Well, keep in touch and try not to get hurt." Belladonna approached to give him a hug, then stopped. She took his extended hand and gave him a stiff shake. "You will always have a place here if you want to come back, Untermensch."

Untermensh gave a single nod and stalked out of the office. He glanced over the shoulder. "Be sure to give boot up villain's ass for me, comrade. I will be sure to know what happens with CCCP while gone."

Belladonna watched him leave, and looked down at the file folder in her hands that suddenly felt like a metric ton. She quietly whispered, "Dosvedanya, comrade." And carefully she placed the folder in a cabinet.