Morning Becomes Her

From the Story Arc: Three Days In December

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(posted Monday, December 11, 2006)

“Hey babycakes,” said Zach softly into Bella’s ear, bringing her all the way to wakefulness. She cuddled a little closer to him, kissed his neck.

“Not time to get up yet,” she murmured.

“You could persuade me.” She opened one eye enough to see his grin.

“Oh, I bet I could, couldn’t I?” She didn’t get to see him nearly enough these days, and if he was going to drop her hints like that, she was going to grab them with both hands and run with them…

So it was some time, and a lot of burned calories later when he purred into her ear again, “Hey, babycakes. This time I really do have to get moving.”

She sighed with regret and unwound herself from Zach and bedclothes. “I’ll make you some breakfast.”

They were in his apartment, not hers. Last night he’d wanted to watch some disaster-laden effects movie on the bigger TV, and there really was no good reason to go back downstairs afterwards. She pulled one of shirts on over her head and padded to the kitchen to whip up a Zach-sized meal. She had no idea where he put it all. It didn’t seem physically possible to her for that much food to fit in a normal-sized stomach.

He joined her in the kitchen, looking every inch the Washington mover-and-shaker, suit, tie, just…all his style. And he looked like what he was; a cape. He had that air about him. He came up behind her and put both arms around her and she leaned her head back and nuzzled his jawline. “You smell so good,” she sighed. “I never get tired of it. If we could bottle that, men would never be able to pry women off of themselves.”

“But we could never bottle the animal magnetism that goes with it,” he smirked, and she laughed.

“Too true.” She turned in his arms, kissed him thoroughly, and pushed him towards the counter. “Eat. You need to keep up your strength.”

“After a wake up like that? You’d better feed me!”

She watched him as he ate, both of them going over things that needed to get done for CCCP, when suddenly he stopped and put down his fork.

“No modeling jobs?” he asked. “You aren’t doing a gig?”

She half-smiled, ruefully. “Please tell me you won’t miss those if we quit…”

He snorted. “The first time or two was fun, but—“

“I told them we won’t be taking any more,” she said, relieved. “With Saviour being in charge of CCCP’s funding…if it all goes pear-shaped again, I can go back to it, or if there’s a good enough cause to fund, but otherwise…” She sighed. “Well…I don’t get enough time with you, I just got my full unrestricted MD, I’ve got plenty of other things to keep me busy. I don’t want a model shoot to get in the way of being with you or anything else that’s really important. And it always was an uneasy compromise with ‘correct thinking’.”

“Good.” He grinned, and went back to eating. “Besides, we have enough GammaBars and Green Glow to last us twenty lifetimes.” He polished off the last bite and checked his watch. “OK. Got to go. Gremlin’s meeting me there, I’m gonna show him our alleged government at alleged work.”

She stood on tiptoe and wrapped herself around him, kissing him as if she was about to send him into battle. Which she always did, whether it was across a Portal or to get a loaf of bread. “I love you,” she breathed. “Truly, deeply, love you. You’re my star. Knock the stuffing out of them.”

He laughed. “There are times I wish I could. Love you too, babycakes. More than ever.”

And then he was gone.

She pulled on last night’s clothing, and went down to her own apartment to get ready for her own battles. Not the least of which would probably be what Pavel had gotten into this time.